Why did Becker get killed?

I really want to know why Becker got killed. It's a cruel thing to do. Becker and Jennifer had a budding relationship, and Becker had a loving family. Not to mention a good-looking future ahead of him. Why? I guess because the authors knew what we were expecting, and they threw in something that we really didn't expect. But they still could've come up with some alternate options. Example: there should have been space between the though in the cars. He could have hidden there. Or, well, their are tons more things he could have done. But, I still don't get why?!?!? The series is still good, but it's ruined! They main part of the story and reason I read and bought these books was because of Becker! Why?

Is he???

If they do come out with a 4th book, maybe it willl be about how he gets out of A Better Place at the time when The Seems needs him most. Like one of those things where the hero comes charging in or something to save The Seems, The World, Jenifer, etc.

i agree

it'll probably b an untraditional twist(because the seems is a crazyworld) but i'm sure it will b similar to a storybook ending.

untraditional pretty much

untraditional pretty much sums up the seems.


You have to remember that they say there is going to be a book four. Things could turn out a lot better than they seem at this point. If I can hazard a theory, I don't think he'll stay dead.

:) Ashe


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