What's the big Idea, not painting us a Sunset?

I feel very mad at the sunset painters, because they never give me and my friends in China a sunset! It really makes me feel left out, because I miss seeing the deep lime of the winter sunset.

I agree

youre right in the books they make it sound like asunset makes you cry,but i never get a cool sunset


Do you look at them? And see?

Do you look at every sunset? But maybe the beauty isn't in the sunset, but in yourself. I mean, you don't see the beauty in the sunset, you make the beauty in the sunset. You can't find beauty in other things without finding beauty in yourself. Those who look at the World as being ugly feel themselves as ugly. You can find beauty in a rock if you want to. Just look. And I mean REALLY look. Look at the next Sunset, and SEE the Sunset. See the beauty the Painter made.