We need a chatroom... the forum is WAY too slow!

I mean, like if you could make something for us to get faster awnsers, that would be great...

It Makes Sense not to Have a Chat Room

Having this forum makes it easier to regulate what's being said and typed. I mean, I also agree that I don't exactly enjoy the slowness, but there are some irresponsible people out there that try to post inappropriate stuff. It's not likely, but it's happened before, and not just on this forums. It's better safe than sorry.


Ok -- everybody calm down. This is "The Seems" speaking... aka Wex-in-Effect...aka ME!

A chat room you say? Mmmm... not a bad idea. Could happen. In the meantime, we're doing the best we can. Yes, I know it would be great to have six BeckerBlogs a day but hey -- how about three books in three years?? That might sound easy but it's not! So be thankful. :-)

BTW -- you guys are the best.

BTW2 -- can you please tell people that there is no "mini-game" for the SAT!! If you think you are hot stuff, solve the crossword!! (In The Fixer's Lounge).




LOL...We would be lucky if we got one blog a week lot alone multiples a day! But seriously we fans out here are dying with no information you gotta give us something!!!
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I Agree

I have to wait forever to even get my comments on here then another eon to get the occational reply. A chat room would be awesome!!! Another thing that would help is if you gave us more beckerblog stuff... i'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the 3rd book!!!
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The time it it taking to get

The time it it taking to get an awnser proves my point...