Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point Beneath the surface of everyday life is "The Circuit" -- an exotic realm hidden in the burnt out barns, abandoned trainyards and secret alleyways of the American road. Join two young travelers as they stumble into world filled with gypsies, hitchhikers, and Travelers on a search for the mythical location known only as El Dorado.

"In the spirit, but not quite the fashion, of old-time radio serials, Vanishing Point follows Matt Gray and John Krane, desperado pilots of a beat-up Cadillac. With the help of a "bible to the road," the two encounter more than potholes on their excursions; the cosmic road map perpetually turns them towards mystical doorways and curious characters...and offers a twisted, literate sense of adventure to the willing radio listener." College Music Journal.

Thirteen half-hour episodes, featuring special guest appearances by Mary Stuart Masterson, Donal Logue, Pat Hingle and Christian Slater. Also includes ad campaign for Geneweavers™ , "Changing the World one person at a time..."

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