I was hoping this year that I wouldn’t get tired and fall asleep right after Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody knows that Turkey contains the amino acid “Tryptophan” and Tryptophan makes you tired. This year, however, we were having the Turducken (see: my Turducken blog) and so I figured that since I was eating part duck, I would only be half as tired. But for some reason, I was still sleepy – I think because I ate an entire pumpkin pie.

It was worth it.

Anyway, I contacted my friends at the Food & Drink Administration (FDA) to get the real story and they said that Tryptophan is probably not why people get tired. It’s because they eat whole pumpkin pies. That said, Tryptophan in its pure form CAN make you sleepy.


Therefore, if you see this molecule floating around your house or school, don’t grab it. Unless you’re looking for a Good Night’s Sleep…