Dear Seems Fans:

Those of you who are Seems readers will no doubt remember "The Tide" -- the revolutionary organization bent on taking over The Seems and remaking The World from Scratch. The following video was recently posted on YouTube by an unknown user and confirms what we have feared: The Tide is now trying to sway the hearts and minds not only of people in The Seems, but in The World as well.

We ask that you forward this link (below) to everyone and anyone you know, so they may see for themselves the nature of the threat that The World is facing.

We must remain strong in our beliefs during this crucial juncture.

-The Seems/Fixer Becker Drane (liason to

Be active!

Guys, come on! Why is no one posting anymore? I mean,
Triton has taken control of the seems! What are we going to do?

I know who triton is

Samuel Hightower is triton

Catch you on the flip side
Live to fix, Fix to live
(Sam, Fixer #109)

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way!!!! I just read book 2 and there is no way the Time Being joined the tide!!! No Way!!!

Catch you on the flip side
Live to fix, Fix to live
(Sam, Fixer #109)

who does this guy think he is weather it is thai or not

the seems will not be brought down

WELL then...

Okay peeps, just a LITTLE to much...

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Krystal Meyers, #52
The World
Sector 122
Live to fix, fix to live

P.S. Don't call me Krystal, call me Krys, Sihz was just my cod

The Rising Tide Raises All Ships?

They say that 'The Rising Tide Raises All Ships.' To which I reply, The Fixers, Briefers, and Candidates are prepared to weather and counter this rising Tide.

Live to Fix, Fix to Live
-Fixer Finnigan (#93)

Stop The Tide at all costs

Fix to live Live to fix

Long Live The Seems!

The Tide mustn't win. Stay stong seemsians.

The Tide Are H8ERS


Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Sihz Sparks, #52
The World
Sector 122
Live to fix, fix to live

Say Goodbye

I think the tide may have already won. We're all dead!

Well not completely

were from the world remeber. We have more skills. If it has we will kick em' outta the seems. If not we can show triton how to win without making a rumpus in the depart ment of corrections.

My Opinion

Good enough for me.

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer 52, Fixer Sihz
Live to fix, fix to live


The Tide is rising. Find high ground.

I will stop the tide. Fixer Link

I will stop the tide. Fixer Link


us fixers and briefers will get them!!! Just like we got the glitches

the seems

IF the tide ever comes to the seems hes a dead man! and fixer jake can u come and get me! im going to kill myself i have to stand this house! im so bored i was meant to do something gosh!!!!


we will stop the tide he will not make a new world but we have to work together we are fixers!
Fix for life -Life for fix and the tides crew will be in the pokey! freck will be trustworthy

fixers + brefiers

Don forget us brefiers we help u


Good point they do help when fixers are in trouble................

Troubling Email

I received a troubling email early this morning form an internet user calling him or her self ANNONYMOUSTIDE. This was what it said.

The tide is rising, find high ground.

Troubling Email


Just a Thought

I don't agree with what The Tide is doing, but... I DO think The World would be better off without all the suffering. The Tide believes that they're a noble cause- or at least I think they do. And same with rory945. I ALMOST considered it... At this point, I'm not sure what to think about them. I mean, if bad things happen for a reason, I'd like to know what that reason IS. Just a thought...


Um... don't you people know that Triton is actually the former Second-in-Command's brother? Plus, I believe that the screen name "Thibadeau Freck" was just to throw people off. And, in conclusion... Live to Fix!
- Fixer 39

The Tide is stupid

If you destroy the world and start over from scratch what will happen to the people. Most will probably die and got to a better place, but that will have been destroyed. In conclusion the Tide's plan is to make everyone disappear forever. They are stupid selfish brats. They just want a perfect world for themselves.

Benlandia's support

My micro-nation's highly trained army will crush the tide before they can do much at all. :) I also think the video is FAKE!!!!!!

We must rise against the

We must rise against the tide!All things happen for a reason!I passed that S.A.T. with a perfect score,and i know The seesms must rise against the tide!
Fix on!


that video was funny, and moderately scared me at the same time. though i have to say, the guy who made that was smart. he included all the bad things happenning in the world. it almost makes me wanna join (remember i said ALMOST im still incredibly loyal to the seems. they know what they are doing.)

We must stop the Tide! All

We must stop the Tide! All of us will be dust if we don't!


Its fake


Geez, that guy has a staticky connection. Unless he did that on purpose?
All who wander are not lost. All that glitters is not gold.

on purpose

the tide use calling cards which usually have staticky connections


I posted the video i am the leader of the wave

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The Tide Is Rising

Yeah, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure your name isn't Thibadeau Freck.

the wave

its the tide not the tide




r u calling me a liar

i agree

liek i said before his face is distorted and his voice is weird


That can't be Freck! even though the screen name and info matches, Triton could have gotten that information and used it as a cover story! also, freck does have a french accent and wouldn't hide his face, since everyone who's read the books knows what he looks like and stuff.

you've got to be joking

You have got to be joking, that is of course real. How can you say it's not real when you know there is a tide out there.
This is just the thing they would do. Don't you see, they're desperate to get more people to join them.


I dont care who it was cause fixer jake #41 is ready with fists of fury tm


but i don't think its thibadue because his face is distorted and who do we know that does that TRITON

i don't know

i don't know but what does pie have to do with it

i think that

i think that people should eat more pie. cherry if you can but 3 berry and apple would be the best


Pumpkin Cherry and apple never had berry so ya no- i guess that to for benifit of doubt


its fake


actually, the person who posted it has the screen name Thibadeu Freck