Three Riddles for Ya'll to Answer- Their just questions... no sweat.

Hi to all in the World (and the Seems)!

I have three riddles (er--- questions)... dare to answer???

1- In one night, 300 tireless workers are sorting out Goodnight's Sleep packages or helping the guy that cooks up sleep. If 79 tireless workers BOTH sort Goodnight's Sleep packages and help the guy that cooks up sleep and 5 ONLY help the guy that cooks up sleep in that one night... how many tireless workers were ONLY sorting out Goodnight's Sleep packages?

2- There are four vertices in a square. Imagine Thibadeau Freck. He is standing on one of the vertices (the upperleft) and facing straight ahead. He suddenly starts to run to his right. He reaches a vertex, and he turns another right and runs again. He stops when he reaches another vertex and runs again. He finally stops when he reaches another vertex. What direction had he just ran?

3- Here is the EASIEST question: what happened... to Becker Drane in the end of the Lost Train of Thought?

Please post your answers in the comments!
When 5-10 different people have posted their answers, I will tell the solutions of the riddles. :)


No. 3

I think this is the only one worth trying to answer. I think we went to a Better Place, but he will find a way out.


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1.216 2.counterclockwise

2.counterclockwise (cause he wa sin uperleft)
3. he died by jumping off the train and went to a better place (which suxs cause theyre looking for him)
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These are actually more like guesses (which i probably got wrong)
216- i'm pretty sure on this one
Clockwise- i'm pretty sure on this one too-that its wrong!
he's dead but will probably come back to life or something in the next book

my answers

1. 216

2. left

3. he died & went to "A Better Place" I think...............


Answers....I think

1. 216
2.If the first positioning is HIS upperleft then: Counterclockwise
3. We don't know! :D....As for me..I have theories... :D