is there going to be a new book

there should be two more books telling about if becker servived. I talked to me- 2 and he said there might have to be. I hope that the next book will be about the time becker spent in A Better Place and how he gets out.


Impressive flight plan. Maybe you're right.

Although what about all those other people? Just a whole lot of random people washed out on the Sea of Confusion? Bunch of Nowherians, maybe some Ex-Fixers, Hope Prospectors, washed out there and tried to make the best of it by building their own little colony?

:) Ashe

And plus, it's supposedly impossible to escape A Better Place

So, I think he is really just on that island I was talking about before and he can escape. I mean, he's gotta save the World from Triton somehow.


Maybe Becker actually isn't in A Better Place and is in some remote corner of Nowhere that nobody has discovered. I'm assuming he got flung across the Sea of Confusion to some uncharted Island. Po probably got there because he escaped from the Nowherians and got out on a boat, navigated the Dead River Bed and paddled into the Sea of Confusion. From there, the current took him out to the island.


maybe a better place is another place like that place in the 2nd book where jack was


It's a very open ending ... Though I have to admit, the more I read the book, the more it looks like he really *is* in A Better Place. For example, this:

Becker: "What happened to you, Po? I mean, we couldn't find you anywhere!"
Po: "I had waited all my life to see the Most Amazing Thing of All, and once I did, well, there was nothing left for me to do."

Now, if that doesn't scream "A Better Place," then man--I don't know what does.

Although if there is a fourth book and he is in A Better Place, I'd love to see how he escapes. He'd probably be the first person in the history of The World and The Seems ever to do that.

:) Ashe

new book

i hope their will be!

i totally agree...

ya that is really true......but it makes it look like he is in a better still really confuzzled on that......

wait a sec

in the 3rd book u don't know if he even IS in a better place t just says he meets that fixer guy