Teachers! Are you in The Know about The Seems?? The Seems is the award-winning Middle Grade book series, but it’s also the world that builds our World – from the colors of the leaves in Fall, to the sunsets we see each night, to making sure the other side of the pillow is always cool. But when something goes wrong (very wrong) it’s time to call in a Fixer, and his name is Becker Drane. Each volume of The Seems follows our young hero on another one of his desperate Missions to keep us (and The World) safe from harm’s way.

Seems in School

Take your kids on a trip through the In-Between and into the world of The Seems! Named a Top 20 Best Books for Middle School Readers (Children's Book Examiner), Top 10 Best Books Middle Readers (Amazon.com), and Dorothy Canfield Fisher Selection, this series will spark the imagination -- and the curiosity -- of readers 10 and up. Watch videos of John & Michael's presentation during a recent visit to JW Middle School, Princeton, NJ.  read more »

Author Visits

Authors John Hulme & Michael Wexler have visited 100+ schools from Vermont to California to Chicago conducting assemblies, class chats, and creative writing workshops. Their patented PowerPoint presentation projects onto the big screen as J & M take students (and teachers) on an unforgettable field trip to The Seems! Give YOUR kids the unique experience of meeting real-life authors (and fairly respectable role-models).

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