spoler only come n f youve read the 3rd book and finished it


I'd love to see what he intends to do with the world, now that he's in a position to make it the way he wants it to be. I hope he's not aiming for a paradise though, because I agree with everybody else in the Seems who ultimately decided to make the world with its idiosyncrasies and problems so we could have all the things the Seemsians didn't get, living in paradise as they did.

(I also applaud his cleverness ... He loaded the dice. Whichever way things tipped, Triton would end up in control of the Seems, so it didn't really matter whether he won or lost. I kind of wonder what he might have done if he hadn't known his popularity was so great among the Seemsians.)

All in all, I'm not so sure Triton isn't such a bad guy. We've been seeing the Tide--and, by extention, Triton--through Becker's eyes for the whole series. Not that seeing through Becker's eyes is a bad thing, but Becker always believed in the Plan (occasional doubts aside), and so yeah, he would have figured the Tide and Triton to be bad for the World. In the end, Triton might be pretty good for it.

(As another slightly unrelated sidenote, I'd have loved to see Becker's thoughts and feelings if he knew who was really in controll--not Samuel Hightower, but Triton--because I'm sure he'd have to grapple with some serius misgivings and doubts, considering their different viewpoints and the fact that Triton has been one of Becker's worst enemies despite the fact that they've never come face-to-face.)