Safety in Numbers

Thanks to the “Seems experts” out there who pointed out a terrible discrepancy in some of the numbers relating to “The Seems.” As those of us in The Know know, Fixer Lucien Chiappa (featured in Book 2: “The Split Second”), is Fixer #12. HOWEVER, on the invitation to his retirement celebration at The Flip Side (the last page of The Split Second), he is listed as Fixer #22! This is a typo and Flip feels awful about it. But Mr. Chiappa already saw it and laughed. His exact words were: “Tell Flip to stick to burgers not flyers!”

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that it was no big deal and Mr. and Mrs. Chiappa were not the slightest bit upset. Now they have something to give Flip a hard time about til’ the end of Time.

Which hopefully won’t be any time soon!