Random Facts

Say the most random facts........
for example........

The dot on top of the letter "i" is called a tittle.

Cotton candy used to be called fairy floss.

Dogs have 3 eyelids.

What other facts do you know?


- This is really funny and stupid, which makes it even funniER.
- This was an awesome forum-topic idea.
- I have absolutely NO idea what I'm saying. Hooray for me!

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Okay ...

- It is possible to rent the entire nation of Liechtenstein out for a party, provided you have enough money. You don't get to displace the locals, though.

- During World War II, Denmark was occupied by the Nazis, but decided to cooperate peacefully, which led Hitler to call it a "model protectorate". Even so, Denmark managed to save 99% of its 8000-strong Jewish population, mostly by evacuating them to Sweden. Their Jewish casualty rate was among the lowest of the occupied countries in Europe, and the Danish resistance movement as a whole is the only such movement to be listed as "Righteous among the Nations" (non-Jews who assisted Jews during the holocaust). All others are individual people.

- One out of every seven breaths you take has an atom of Julius Caesar in it. ... Okay, so that's probably not true, but I couldn't resist.

- The Principality of Sealand is basically just a little sea fort off the coast of England and only exists because its leader decided to "occupy" the fort, which was abandoned after World War II, and make it his own nation. During his time as leader of Sealand, King Roy Bates has fired shots at the Royal Navy, made prisoners of war of a couple businessmen who tried to "take over" the place, fired more shots at a different ship that strayed a bit too close, and attempted to sell the fort to the Pirate Bay (a filesharing service based out of Sweden). The whole nation also caught fire in 2006. I'm surprised it still exists, honestly.

That was more a history lesson than anything else; sorry. ;) (Nobody ever seems to know about Denmark during WWII, though. It's a huge fail on the part of history classes, IMO.)



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Cow pies are made of snot

Marshmallows were an amazing breakthrough in the Seems

Brains are made of dead blood cells