r seems real 2

I think God made the seems and world. So God controls the seems and seems control the world! any comments?


But it still would be pretty sweet if the seems was real!(i would totally join)


I don't think that you should post any religious things online. I know that nobody knows your identity, but you still shouldn't do it. And I think that God creating The Seems and the World is an absurd idea! I mean, there is already a world that created ours, but there being some being that doesn't even have a world that creates worlds is insane.


LTF-FTL1000 aka I.C.J


Well, that would definitely solve the riddle of The Most Amazing Thing of All.

Although it's stated explicitly in the books that The Seems created The World; so, if we go with that, it would end up being that God created The Seems who created The World--therefore God would technically be in control of both, but He would sort of control The World secondhand, through The Seems.