Put quotes that you like from the book here. Meaningful, funny, this is where to write them.

i just noticed...

that our names are practically the same:
goldgirl and goldengirl1

My fav. quotes

Becker Drane:Book 2: "I've got a can of buttwhuppin' inthere with your name on it!"


For me, The Seems has more epic moments than single epic quotes, but here are a few I've enjoyed.

Glitch (about the Helping Hand): Impressive. I never saw this one in the catalog.
Becker: It's not in the catalog. I made it myself, in shop.
Glitch: What do you call it?
Becker: The Helping Hand.
Glitch: I hope you got an A.
Becker: C+.
Glitch: Bummer.

... And little bits of humor like this:
"... And the fact that Becker had now broken out into a cold sweat meant it was probably something severe.

'Mom!' cried Benjamin. 'Becker's breaking into a cold sweat back here!'"

(Incidentally, sorry for any errors. I don't have a hard-copy of the book and am reading from a book on CD, so I can't copy word or letter perfect.)

:) Ashe