Problem In The Weather Department?

Hey Becker!

Is there a problem in the weather department or something?
What's with all this heat?!
I think a fixer needs to get on the job!
Could it be you?

Australia's Drought

The drought's been on for a long time. It must be part of the Plan.


I'm Late

i know i'm a late joiner, but i sooooo totally didn't know about the seems until Michael Wexler and John Hulme came to my skool! they are so cool.

but back 2 the topic, the weather now is terrible!!!!! i have soccer practice every nite, and it's soooo cold!!!!!
ps: if ur questioning my username, stopper is the position i play for my travel soccer team, and 41 is my #.

ya i no! its so annoying!

ya i no! its so annoying! but where i live its been raining nonstop! think someone shold call becker in hes the riht man 4 the job!

Come look part two

Well, I'm not Becker, sorry.

Come Look!

Duh it could be me! I battled a glitch in weather and saved North America!


Yeah, its getting hot over at my place in massachutsetts and its not even may yet... better get up to the flipside, Becker!

PS where's that door? i got the assistance reqirement email...
but i cant find a door!

I agree.

Come on man! Australia is just getting beat on by the drought! Has the Tide messed with the water tower again? You should go check it out Becker!

I hear you!

It's like 55 degrees here in OR. It needs to snow, I'm going skiing this weekend and it'll be slushy!