p l s h l p

i n a b e t r p l a e

t r y n t o g e t o t

m u s t o p t r i t n

j e n n f r



Hey. Just curious, (because I haven't been able to get my hands on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th book, darn) WHO THE HECK IS THIS TRITON GUY?? Triton is a silly name too, kinda like, "Oh, hey, my name's Triton, and I'm just going to kill you now" ANYWAY, have you seen the "The Tide Recruitment Video"? How did that get on there, anyway? MABYE SOMEONE HAS TURNED TRAITOR!!!!!!! OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe I haven't seen this until now! Becker, if you read this, how can we help? Becker's Me-2, if you see this, do you know how we could help?


Can You Even Get out of there?!

Whoa. Isn't Becker dead?!! and does he know that Triton is already in charge? Even if he gets out, Triton could take him out, and Jennifer was unremembered of him! more on this later....


Whoa! They have computers there! (Seriously now, how can you get out of A Better Place?)

Live to Fix, Fix to Live. ~The Seems Motto.


So maybe there IS gonna be a continuation after the Lost Train of Thought... It did say Becker was tryna get out of the "Better Place" (OMG he died)

That is likely, but it could also be...

The Last line could be
"Must Stop Writing" Previous one is more likely but, this could be it too.

Message from Becker?

Here's what the message says(I think):

in a better place
trying to get out
must stop triton