Near Mishap in the Tools of the Trade Dept.

I've worked for The Tools of the Trade Department for three years now. We had to call in a Fixer the other day, one of the new tools that we were working on developed A Hiccup. A Hiccup is not even close to the problems that A Glitch can cause but it's still annoying nonetheless. Well it so happens that it was Fixer Drane's turn in the rotation! Since his invention of The Helping Hand we've all been dying to meet him. And let me say that he was just as nice as could be. He spent time chatting with each of us and answering our questions about The Helping Hand. If you ever get a chance to meet Fixer Drane be sure to, he's truly one of the good guys.


Can i have a Me-2 too? I'd really like one so i can get out of school or something!

Need a Tool

Got a ME-2 that I can borrow?
Mine's a little broken... He acts crazy when ever I try to use him!

Where can I meet him?

Besides school, what places does he frequent on this side (the World)? Does he travel at all? Tell him next time you see him, he should consider a vacation in Oregon!