My Poem for English Class

“Summer” by Becker Drane

Summer, when Spring becomes funner
Summer, when The Seems throws balls of wonder
Summer, when if you work out too much you could possibly chunder…

But really, the end of the tunnel
Where darkness covers light
And the truth is hard to see
Under the shade of the innocent tree

When ice cream is again yummy
And the sun stays up as long as it can be
In the sky
Smiling, like it knows why
Even though we don’t

Trust in the plan
If you can
If not, get an In-Between burger, fries and a tan

It’s just beginning, it’s not over
Never a bummer, when it starts to be summer
Hope springs eternal
Popcorn starts with kernels

Like understanding why
The sun loves the sky

Summer, it’s here to stay until that one cold day


Miri The Dreamer I luvvv

Miri The Dreamer
I luvvv that poem!!!and agree with webbette. A+


I think if your teacher does not know about the Seems he will give you an a+ because of creativity