A Minor Glitch

Dear All:

Me-2 here (aka Becker Drane.). Unfortunately, I don't have any further updates on Becker, but I must say I am missing him less and less. Taking over his life has been fun, and to be honest I won't be bummed out if he never comes back.

Anyway, I'm writing to apologize about the Minor Glitch we had on the website this week!! For those of you who are Glitch experts, there are three kinds: Minor, Major, and the Mother. The Glitch in Sleep was Major -- the Glitch in "The Lost Train of Thought" was the Mother -- and the one that crashed the website was Minor.

Fear not, the Glitch has been found and Fixed. Nothing a little Glitchometerâ„¢ and Elbow Greaseâ„¢ couldn't remedy.

Hope everyone is doing well and stay tuned for the big grand opening next week of the all new SEEMS STORE! (http://www.zazzle.com/theseems). We think you'll really like it.

Peace out
Au Revoir Gopher,