Michael Wexler

Michael WexlerMichael L. Wexler was born on tax day (April 15), and thus, was written off from a very young age.

Defying all odds, he thrived in the middle class suburbia of Highland Park, NJ, though always longing for the bucolic, potato-growing paradise which Kendall (see below), ironically, seemed to shun.

With a dearth of plaid and a Brooklyn Fade haircut, Wexler arrived as a Freshman at Princeton University and quickly met all the right people -- ensuring quality vacation houses and good conversation to this very day.

When seeking fame and fortune as a means to achieve happiness proved a macguffin, Wexler resorted to dreaming up fantasy worlds inside of which to contextualize his ennui -- and has been residing there ever since.

Though family members have often pleaded with him to return to the "real world," and a stint in the R-Wing has not been ruled out, Wexler seems to have cobbled together a patchwork cosmology which has kept him out of the big house, and in fairly good physical health.

Mike or Michael -- either way is fine -- enjoys Autumn, long walks in the park, chess, tennis, songwriting, and sitting on a pool deck in the sun.