It's Too Late to be a Rock Star [EP]

Michael Wexler It's Too Late to be a Rock Star
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Michael Wexler - It's Too Late to be a Rock Star [EP]

Talented singer-songwriter Michael Wexler's debut EP, featuring Grammy Award Nominee Tift Merritt. Produced by Kevin Wiggins.

"Author Michael Wexler: "Voices of The Xiled" (Doubleday, 1995) & 'The Seems' (Fall 2007! Bloomsbury Press) releases this unlikely musical debut, featuring his first 5 songs recorded to date. The EP includes singles from catchy “It’s Enough,” (showcasing vocals by Grammy Award Nominated singer-songwriter Tift Merritt), to the haunting ballad “The Girl Who Never Was.”

Produced by Kevin Wiggins, Wexler’s melodies are both simple and infectious, like the lyrics which coat them. According to the artist, only 500 copies of the EP have been pressed, and no further runs are in the offing.

Wexler is said to be readying his second effort, “For The Fun,” a full length LP which he will record after the completion of Book 1 of a young adult fantasy series which he & writing partner John Hulme will co-create.

Worth the cost of admission."

-Taper Magazine, Dec 2006