IT's the end of The World!

an alien attack is coming to The World! seemsians found its goo, left behind. they scanned it. this alien isn't just an alien, it's an ali-glitch!


one day, a glitch ascaped from Seemsberia. he made a planet that he called "planet glitch." He also made a portal that he called "the underground lane,"which would free all the other glitches. a fixer found this planet, so he closed the portal and took back all the glitch, except the glitch that started it all, now called "the missing glitch".

your mission:

bring "the missing glitch" back to Seemsberia.

Fixers -- lets pair up to

Fixers -- lets pair up to bring this glitch to justice! Now, where are all the briefers? It would also be nice if some of you helped at this website.

will do

I got Fixer (2000 pts) on my S.A.T. All I need is a Door...


I scored fixer and have waited for this day forever I need to be a part of it.

count me in

i'll do it. i got fixer on my S.A.T (2400) but i need a briefer.


Fixer 52

Forget about a Briefer, we can all make it in this. I mean, the majority of us scored 2400 first time round.

accpet me in i got 2000 on

accpet me in i got 2000 on my sat and im ready for the job


subject says it all

Count me in

Count me in! I scored a perfect fixer (2400) on my S.A.T.


You just made this storey up

You just made this storey up

Sure ill do it!

i got "fixer" on my SAT, just need a briefer...

ali glitch

hey c-note here and i bet i got could do this if i got a toolkit because i got a 100% score on S.A.T.
Same as InTheKnow all i nned is a briefer.

Nned, or Need

Did you mean need, you wrote nned!!


i have a question

How am i supposed to get to the Seems if i cant find a Door? i dont have Transport Goggles or any other am i supposed to be a Fixer if i dont have any Tools?

Mission accepted.

I'll do it. I got "Fixer" (2000pts) on my S.A.T. Now all I need is a Briefer.


I never heard of this and

I never heard of this and why is it here???? what does this do?