If you could change the world...

I noticed that this question was missing from the S.A.T. So lets answer it now!

Me first: I would make books more popular than any thing ever! (Except for Twilight... ewww sparkling vampires!)
Next I would make music a little enjoyable. Not that I don't enjoy it or want it to change but I want it to be more effective...
I would make summer and fall longer. Not take time from other seasons but make the year longer. And night time longer. A little more mysterious too.
I think teachers should be quieter. Not that what they have to say is unimportant but it seems that there always yelling.
Thats about it.

Your turn!

Don't Scrap The World! Don't Scrap The World! Don't Scrap The Wo

First off, don't, scrap, The World. I cannot stress this enough. I mean, where are we going to be after this? Floating in Limbo? Seemsberia? Isn't A Better Place connected to The World? And while we're on this topic, where DO Seemsians go when they die? I mean SERIOUSLY people?!
Half off me wants to go with keep The World as it is, it's fine this way! And then you have the OTHER half. The half of me with wants and hates, just like any other person in The World or The Seems. And that's what changed my mind.
I know what you're thinking. I feel a super boring, super long speech coming on! You're right. Maybe. I haven't made up my mind about how long this can be, but I usually write things stretched out so...... Have fun with that. By the way, this is still the introduction, so if you get bored easily, then you better BOLT. But I'll try to sneak some humor into things, which, yes, it's possible! I should probably start now......
Okay, so everyone has their own personality, right? That's something I like about everybody, that they're all unique. Now it's just some of the personalities I'm worried about. Not going to name any, but I just don't like people signing others off because they don't wear the right clothes, or the people in question don't wear the right clothes. That's kind of stupid, no offense to anybody. You should accept people for who they are inside, not if they have allot of money. That should definitely change. I'm tired of hearing that some nobody kid jumped off a bridge because he or she were getting bullied at school. First of all, they weren't nobody's. They were people with lives. Now they don't have lives because some guy made them jump! Yeah, Jennifer Kaley, you BETTER change that, or it's on YOUR head. I won't let you off the hook for this one.
That should fix almost all the fights at school, so now onto wars. It should just be like a friendly chess game, not a battle to the death! Especially since some people are FORCED to participate in them! One chessboard, with a representative who CHOSE to be there from both countries. The judge should be a guy from another country. Ta. Da.
Dreams. They should be awesome, but they stink! We should be able to chose our own dreams, our little fantasy to escape into at night. But ONLY then! If it's another time, then it'll be a surprise, so people don't go to bed to have more fun.
Pollution also stinks, so that should be gone. And on the subject of robberies, they're bad, but they DO provide balance to The World.
I'll write more later, but for now......

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Sihz Sparks, #52
The World
Sector 122
Live to fix, fix to live

My idea

I would make it so that knowledge would be downloadable for each age & there was no school and any food is healthy but tastes the same and everyone is fit and anything could be bought with any type of money, there wouldn't be any wars and no one would ever be sick.HUZZA!

Change the world...

Honestly I dont think i would change the world. Everything that happens happens for one reason or another and w/ every difficulty there lies an oppurtunity. Sometimes things get hard and you just dont know what to do. As many say it has to get worse before things can ever get better. For example, Becker's first mission kept getting worse and finally he finished the job. euripides (greek) once said, "waste no tears over the grieves of yesterday." What we come up against makes us who we r. Maybe money and sicklessness (big grammatical error there x.x) would be easier, but what would life be if everything was predictable and without the fun of any challenge at all. Sometimes we have catastrophes and it teachs us to appreciate what we have. And when something happens to us personally, initialy it sucks, but in the end you build from it and gain more than you lose.


There ya go!

Exactly my thoughts. ... Well, the basic idea. I'm not sure I quite agree with the everything happens for a reason bit ... I mean, I personally don't think there's someone out there making positive that things are happening to certain people because it will help those people grow. (I guess maybe that sounds odd coming from someone reading The Seems, but whatever.)

But I think that events do change us, and without those events, even if they are bad ones, we'd never be able to grow and become, you know, awesome human beings. ;) I'm sure some big-name philosopher has put forth the statement about there being no good without the bad and all, although I can't think who or when at the moment. Still, changing the world and making it perfect would cancel all that great contrast out.

:) Ashe


"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.

You got it.

You said it perfectly. I totally agree with you.


wow. that's a tough question. i dunno... oh, maybe NO MONEY or no natural disasters or if everyone had the knowledge they needed to suceed in life when they were born so they wouldn't have to suffer through school. oh, and world peace and no diseases and if everything tasted as good as marshmellows (with a little variety, of course). i could go on like this for a long time.

thats an interesting

thats an interesting outlook..

I would do this

I would make only one language, so there isn't so much confusion and separation between the different countries. I would make schools so that everyone could learn at their own pace. I would also stop pollution and make peace between the countries. I wouldn't necessarily make another super continent, because remember one of the ones we had caused Snowball Earth? I would also get rid of religion, therefore stopping terrorism. I would have everyone be treated as an equal. I would make Spring and Summer longer, not by cutting into the other seasons, just by making the year longer. And I would also make lives longer and I would do everything I can to get rid of diseases. That's about it.


LTF-FTL1000 aka I.C.J


how would u fit everyone in several cities?

How I Would Change The World

I would make shure that everyone would speak one language ((mostly)everyone does this). I would also take away money and replace it with trade. I would make one supercontinent, like Pangea, only the climate would be the same as regular. I would also make peace, and no pollution. I would bring exinct animals back from extinction, only everyone would get along. We would build less cities to conserve nature. Live to Fix, Fix to Live.


so you would also bring back the killer dinosaurs??? they're extinct

well......lets see here......

i would have 1 language, no money whatsoever i mean we could just trade like people did a long time ago. i mean if it worked for them y cant it work for us? then i would have the seems still be a secret and just let whatever happens happen. and i dont believe in the plan, but i were recreating the world i would have an individual plan for each individual person. a good plan, with having sorrow and pain being so rare people would be shocked to find that out. then no more wars, just little tiny fights cuz other wise life would just be plain boring. and people could not exactly choose, but have a sleep schedule that is custom to that person and that person only. a schedule that fits their individual needs. (i know i need one) and i would still have school be a part of kids daily lives. but not as much school, and still homework but like a page a day. school would start at 10 in the morning and last untill 3 in the afternoon. and there would only be 3 school days a week. i have lots more to say, but my laptop battery is running out and i have to go to bed. ill see if i can finish later.


i do realize how it would change my life ive thought of that ever since i read why the seems was made to make the world a little harder so everything wasn't handed to u. im a little offended by u AtamagiiRyuu.
and how i would change it... no wars, but not exactly no fights u have to have a little arguement now and then otherwise it would be boring. no money i agree it is the downfall of our society. we would share stuff like food clothes etc etc. more frozen moments with life and nature and family. make the world live again. all of our pollution we're killing the planet and thats wrong.

It's fine

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And although I strongly wish for the World I mentioned, it's not really realistic. A perfect world is imperfect itself. Have you ever read "the Giver"? They have a perfect world there...and that made it so wrong. Listen, although I dream of a "Better" World, I have come to believe that we should just take things as they are.

If I had to re-build the world from Scratch..

I would make sure there was one language, no wars, and that people would appreciate nature more. I went on a hike once, not far from my house, on a trail that almost no one uses, and when i got to the top and saw the view, i thought, "wow, does anyone know how incredible this is?" it was obviously one of those 'frozen moment' things. And I think people should learn to value things like these. Also, it would be cool if i could give each person their own person their own personal soundtrack, kind of like an ipod, but your case worker chooses the songs. And last but not least, i think maybe people should know about the seems. not everyone, but like important people, such as presidents and other kinds of rulers, so they could ask for extra Sleep or Big Ideas if they are having trouble.
Well, that's all i got. Consider it!

Make the World a Better Place

I'd try to help the World and not just make it all smooth, easy, and fun for me. I'd first make one language that everyone spoke. I'd also make sure that there will be no money at all. Money is the downfall of our society and planet. Not to mention, we'd be better off without money. Did you know that it would be easier to live in a subsistence economy because we would share everything. Before, in the time of subsistence economy, we had extended families that took care of each other. But in the money economy, we have nuclear families that don't have time to help the extended parasite family all the time. Money is breaking down traditions and families.I'd also make sure that people remember the simple and small miracles of life. We shouldn't change the World to please ourselves; that would be selfish. We should change the World to become a Better Place, a Place that we can all enjoy. As being the most intelligent beings on this planet (or so we believe), and being on the top of the food chain, in all of our power, it is our duty to help this World. You don't have to be a Fixer to save the world. You can help in other ways. It would be cool to be a Fixer, but if that doesn't work out, then do something else to help. Being a Fixer isn't just for the ride, it has a purpose; to Fix the World, to help it. Many of you wish to be a Fixer, but do you really know what a Fixer is? Are you ready to be a Fixer? Do you think about how every aspect of your life will change by becoming a Fixer? I'm not a Fixer, and I don't know anything about being a Fixer, but do you think about everything, or just the stuff you want. You can't think about being a Fixer and it being all downhill. There are different obstacles you need to overcome. It's not just you, a regular person, then you, a Fixer; there's more to that. There's the journey to becoming a Fixer, and a journey after that. A journey that never ends, even after you die. Just think about it, all right? If we were to have a chance to change the World, we shouldn't manipulate it to our own comfort. If it's for the World, we shouldn't care about ourselves. It's our job, Fixer or not, to Fix the damage we've done to the World for years. When you say Live to Fix, Fix to Live, do you mean it?

money on trees

Id wish that money would really grow on trees.

More time

I'd like more time... in general, not just for freetime playing... and stuff... And possibly make the worlds in books accessible.



That's an awesome idea. Rock on!

No school

Two words no school :) :) :) :)

I'd go with rivers of soda

I'd go with rivers of soda and mountains of pure gold and awsome food!!!

but what you said works too.

live to fix, love the Seems