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some1 get me to the seems

of course after i get the job!!!!
live to fix fix to live

hopefully i become a fixer

hopefully i become a fixer hay seems i live in spokane washington! i wont to go to the seems 1 of ur fixers come and get me! i really dnt like to be stuck in the house all day..... but i wanna hurry up and go on an adventure! fix to live live to fix

P.S can u get some rain over here its hot every day in spokane some rain would help thank you hopefully
-clarissa cochran-
get a job open real soon

I would like a visit...

I'd like for the authors to come to my school too...
Nolan Ryan JH, Pearland, TX

FiXeR 219

Bring It On!

Nolan: We would love to come do an author visit at your school. Naturally, it ain't cheap. We are the authors of The Seems after all :-) , but is doable!! Have your teacher/principal get in touch by sending mail through the website!!!

the authos

Sihz Fixer 52 Hilar.

Fixer 52


is the seems really real

is the seems really real cause i really would like to vist it! i love ur books john hulme and mike or miachel wexler right? i would like you guys to come to my state in spokane washington but my school probably cant aford it ..... well come out with a new book soon i really want to know whhat happened to becker!!!!
really bad!!!! so catch u on the flip side !!!!

Took the SAT

I got 2400! YAY!

Stay Frosty!


hey same here and its on my first try :D:D:D


It makes sense that it's been three years and they still haven't come out with anything, because you know, it's kind of a hard thing to make a movie of, ya know? (BTW, they must have some low-budget film-makers, because they did make a movie of the Lightning Thief)


LTF-FTL1000 aka I.C.J

i looked

they've been trying to make a seems glitch in sleep movie for 3 years but never got it made so does that answer your question

Rumor of Movie?

I heard a rumor from my friends who like the book that there might be a Seems movie coming out. Can anyone verify or disprove this?



I wish this would happen!!!

New book

Hey, on the topic of new, Can anyone tell me if and when a (potential) new book is coming out?
This (potential) new book better be good, to make up for Becker being unfairly exiled (permanetly) to A Better Place,


According to Mr. Wexler:
"BTW -- John Hulme has been working on Book 4: "A Better Place" and is lobbying to post Chapter 0 in The Fixer's Lounge. Not sure when/how this book will ever come out -- but if it ever does.... look out World!!! :-)"
- (From the "Top 3 book series" thread)

Other than that, no idea. :)



"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.


Hey does anyone know if there even is a box in alaska if so were

P.S. we do not live in igloos or ride polar bears but we do get a lot of snow( already 2 1/2 feet out here)

Catch you on the flip side


The authors came to my public library in Berkeley Heights, NJ and I got the first book, "The Glitch in Sleep", signed by both of them. Keep up the good work guys!!!

A-*L (wawagoo)

Becker is TOTALLY better,

Becker is TOTALLY better, and no doubt about it.


IF U LOVE THE SEEMS COPY THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!


i don't like comparing books or series. there about different things. both are great in their own respective way.

Live2Fix2Live X-4

Good books, like eragon eldist and brisinger.

I find very few good books to read, and i think my top 5 books are eragon brisinger eldest theseems:glitch in sleep and the seems: the split second. though not nessisarally in that order.

ay some

my favert books are the same things mabey one or two extray

5 favorites

my favorites would be : the seems: glitch in sleep, the seems: the split second, eragon, strombraeker, and the power of un. In that order

5 favorites

I like both of the Seems Books, The Percy Jackson Series, The Five Ancestors, H.I.V.E. and Artemis Fowl.

oh i love hive and have u

oh i love hive and have u read evil geneous?


i have read both

i have a comment necrose

i do like the inharetence cycle but i like the seems A HUNDRED times better
brisingr REALLY got on my nerves! it just sorta got old
for those of u who are loyal fans of brisingr i can understand my friends are absesd with it
catch u on the flip side

top 5 books

I hav to say seems book 1,2.


Hey everybody --

Book 2 of The Seems "The Split Second" is now available! You can buy it here by clicking on "The Catalog" link on the home page, from Amazon, or from your local bookstore!

It's all about Becker's mind-bending Mission in The Department of Time!

Don't miss a beat!!

Live to Fix/Fix to Live

Michael & John (the authors!)

i wish the authors would come here!

i want to meet the authors so bad! im so syched bout the new book! i hope the authors come to my town soon! i live in massachusetts!

Be Careful What You Ask For... :-)

Seemsian Fan 96:

I think we are coming to Mass this Fall!! Keep your eyes peeled. We will try to keep the "Press and Events" section of the website updated so you can see where and when!


Michael Wexler, Author


does anyone know where to find the Tool catalog? Read forum"Tool Catalog"

Sup all!

I wonder if we can make our own "fake" APPLY HERE FOR THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD box and see what happens. My score on the SAT is 2400!

Anyone play RS? Here is the website if you want to join!

Live to Fix, Fix to Live.
Live to Read, Read to Live
(I mean reading The Seems!)


Great Idea!!!!!

That's a great Idea!!! One problem: if The Seems is real, (not denying that it is) and this is all a chain of events that case workers made to recruit some FANTASTIC would-be Fixer, then you don't apply, that would stink. But it is a good idea.

Live to Fix. Fix to Live


ME WANNA FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can u help me train? i took

can u help me train? i took the SAT test i got 10 out of 12 is that bad?

Thats right.

There right, you know.

See you on the Flip Side.


Before you Fix a Glitch, etc., you need to Fix your Grammar, etc.


Catch you on the Flip Side!


Hey, Conner, did you move to WA a few years ago? And are you from Canada? b/c if you are... YOU WERE IN MY 4th AND 5th GRADE CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure that if you are really *that* Conner McLeod then you can figure out who I am as I am the only other person who was in both those classes.
Other info about "you":
you have red hair
you have a little bro named liam

Courage in Numbers

I not only didn't like HP, I was never even interested in it. Boo Hiss! However we are here to shout out our love for, The Seems! So here goes, 'I Love The Seems,the Seemsians, the Fixers, Briefers, etc..and so on!'
Lyra Chase

I've got a favor to ask.

Hey, I know that you said that you know guys in Weather, but you didn't want to go over their heads too much (and i really hope you haven't).I need a (biggish) favor. I'm flying from WA State Seattle to New York and DC. So I was hoping that you could at least nudge them that they should change their minds about the rain thing... Please

P.S. If you can't just ask them about the weird weather we've been having. I swear it's been snowing for five minutes and sunny the next and in march no less.

P.S.S. The reason I'm using this instead of using your E-mail is because for some reason it wont work for me. Go figure.

Having an uneasy stomach, Shmitter
(I really don't like flying)

Great Book!

I'm soon hoping to find an application box for the best job in the world, or at least a door to the seems! Could you set some more up in Minnesota? Good job with the glitch Becker, very impressive for your first job as fixer! Guessing by the name of the next book, there is going to be a time bomb; do you know who gets that mission? I heard you recently fixed a hiccup in the tools of trade department, how did that go? I know, I'm asking you a lot of questions, I'm just so eager to learn more about the seems!

Catch you on the flip side.

Where can I apply to be a fixer?

I live in Portland, OR. I am 13 years old, but I am willing to face danger!

job application

to apply to become a fixer you must get a score of 2000-2400 in the s.a.t.

Does the test work?

I did take the test. I got a 2400 on the test. But I dont know if the Seems is even real. Bysides, even if I got a good score, I cant even figure out how to use a screw driver. Well I know how but it never works. So if by getting a good score on the test, does it mean you can fix things? Who decides? And does The Seems really exist?

yes I did and now im a fixer

yes I did and now im a fixer


if i were becker i would have shot that glitch and hung him on my wall

Bertrum the yellow ball rules!

I'm short.

i luv seems

Live to fix. Fix to live.

I love the seems. Are there any boxes in California?

I also love Becker more than Harry.

Who choses?

Who choses where the boxes go? And where are they all located?

The Seems Book

I got The Seems as a gift and I love it.I can not believe that the creators of the book managed to think up

that stuff in the chapter when Becker is dreaming "Your Worst Nightmare"

Live 2 Fix. Fix 2 Live.


Hey everyone! I just finished the book and I loved it! Its such a cool idea that there is another world which makes everything in this world happen. Being a Fixer really does sound like the best job in the world, if only I could be one. I got a perfect score on the SAT though so if any open spots do come up, you know where to find me :)