Fixer Needs Briefer (F.n.B.)

I passed the Seemsian Aptitude Test and came out as a Fixer (well, first a Briefer, then I took the quiz again) and am new to The Seems. I need a good Briefer who has been around for some time and has nifty mechanical experience (like that thing Drane put in the D.O.W.'s water tower when he was a Briefer). If you feel that you meet these expectations or exceed them, please reply and we might be able to work something out. NOTE: For safety, we shall NEVER IN THE HISTORY OR FUTURE OF THE SEEMS OR THE WORLD, come face to face unless I can tell you're one of my friends.
FiXeR 219
(P.S.: Sorry if that sounds creepy.)


I got a super-duper highh score on the SAT and I'm a fixer! But I need a briefer! Anyone accept?

i do!

i accept


hey guys i am a fixer (2400/2400) and in need of a really good breifer plz reply soon

im a breifer but I have to

im a breifer but I have to take the test again its not on my profile or whatever

I need a briefer too

I'm Fixer #38 and I need a briefer, not to be confused with von, I was made fixer #38 before john h. and michael w. knew about it. So I need one of the best briefers please.

A.K.A. Fixer #38
[seemsianjm11 is just my codename]


I am STILL Briefer 392 and think that a good enough resumé is my Mission that I posted in the "Post your adventures" topic.


Catch you on the Flip Side!

Briefer needed

Could you be my Briefer??
I got a perfect score on my S.A.T. (2400 out of 2400)
Reply soon!!!