Fabric of reality.What if it broke?

What would happen if the fabric of reality broke

fabric of reality

Try to fix it at least! we could try that use something to patch it up! or something ! but the winds of change might be coming so but on your pajamas!:) LTF-FTL! any1 in the seems i wanna become a fixer i need help training tho



Worst case scenario!

the World would be destroyed

happy thoughts from Seemslover3!

I think...

-Densel, Fixer # 99

a ripple effect...cause in Becker's dream, he saw the fabric of reality ripped...but that was after a few moments of the ripple effect, so I'm not sure of this answer...

i don't know, but here's some solutions:

if it was a small tear, sew it back together with a needle and thread, like Casey did.
if it was a small hole, use a Rounded Scopeman '4000TM and a Boa ConstrictorTM to clamp it together, like Becker did.
if it's a LARGE hole or tear, RUN!

LOOOOL at the last solution!


my guess

i think that everything would rip apart like beckers nightmare like in "the glitch in sleep"

My Guess

My guess is that everything in the world would be sucked into the brake in it, like a black hole.


LTF-FTL1000 aka I.C.J