How do you find the door? I can't seem to find it?

They said that they sealed

They said that they sealed up all the doores and the only reason that Becker could get through the door that Tom jackal found is because it was in a Frozen moment. I doubt a fixer would drop a key anyway.

like the big house would let us find a door.

Come on guys! even if any of us found a door, they'd just Unremember us. if they don't hire you as a fixer or as a intern in the big house(see lost train of thought) your not getting through any door. worse of all, they'd probably make you forget all about this series and this site too, so you'd forget all about the seems.
I think the best thing would be to find a Skeleton Key dropped by a fixer. You could warp around before the Clean Up Crew could find you.

illuminating experiences

The illuminating experiences factory is real! And then the door must be too! Im sooo moving!

Beach door

I have a good idea theres this door that no one gose into down at the beach and the funny thing is that it's all old and stuff so Im going to see if it's there!

Highland Park NJ

I live in Highland Park NJ where the book is set in.
Perhaps I should try to find 12 Grant Ave. and that door in the old electric building......
It would be fun to go through a Door and go to The Seems!!
Black Tea

Finding a door

even if you found a door where would you get the Transport Goggles?

there is an abandond house....

is the best place to look in a haunted house?
there is one on my block.

I don't know

I checked the ghost house idea no go but the supermarket...

possible door location

you know that strange house that has a lot of ghost stories about it?(theres one in every town) maybe thats where they hide the doors. if this is allowed to be posted by the seemsian authorities, then it probably isnt correct, but who knows?

Point of interest, if Keys

Point of interest, if Keys are Fixer-only and Doors are being phased out, how are World-origin Briefers supposed to get to the Seems to help their Fixers?

Also, Doors probably won't be in places that are obviously abandoned and people would think that they would contain Doors (especially with the books now). The Doors are probably in places that nobody would think to look, even if they have read the books.



I tried the one in Bicentennial Park that Becker mentioned in the Blog, but I guess it can't be that easy. There's a very small chance that ANY Door whose existence was made so obvious would be around so long (and the amount of time we have left to find one of these phenomenal portals is dwindling with the introduction of the Skeleton Key).


mayby theres one in my backyard, because i got half an acre of forest in it.


the chances of finding an inter-dimensional gateway is one out of i don'treally know, but "fiction" is more like the recording of subconcious iner dimensional revilation that's reality is different than our own that we then pass it off as make belive.
but the concept of the seems is more likely to be actual. those who pass this off as fiction when given proof of it being real are in self denial.

How To Find A Door (I hope)

Go to an unused building, find an old door, and brush it off until you see the sign.

(door hunting)

I dunno, ive been having a hard time myself... (considering that ive only been a lookin' for 20 minutes...) IF YOU FIND IT plz post its location!!!!!


can i get recrited for the seems?

I would like to join. PLEASE RESPOND!

I know! neither! I'm considering checking inside a suspicious concrete tunnel at my neighborhood park.

That's appropriate

That's an appropriate username for that post... ;)

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