Does Thibadeau remind you of anyone? (for Percy Jackson Fans)

Now, I haven't yet read Train of thought, so I don't know how this plays out in the end, but Thibadeau Freck reminds me of someone in my one of my favorite series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
"Which character?" You ask, unless, of course, you don't.
Why, the one and only hot blond scar face! The trickiest, most treasonous traitor of the tri-state area! The only demigod dumb enough to host a the terrible Titan of Time in his soul! The biggest jerko in the series! Yup, you guessed it... Our very own Luke Castellen! *Canned applause plays, but it flickers and dies out. Percy stands up in the audience, screams "JERK!" and throws a piece of bacon at Luke's head. No, I don't care how TLO ended. He's still a jerk. a hero, but a jerk.) But seriously, the parallels are obvious! All Freck needs is a scar, a sword, and a sentiment to take THe Seem down "brick by brick," and you're golden (We are not what youuuu think we are, we are gooooooolden, we are goooooolden.)
Let's list the similarities, shall we?
1. Older than the the protagonist (who's 12 in first both books, because I think 12 is a pretty popular age for such things) by a formidable amount of years, however, not that much older that the protagonist thinks of the dude as an adult.
2. Is considered, at first, cool by the protagonist.
3. Evil, merciless girlfriend. (Lena for Freck, that dracaenne chick for Luke *is to lazy to look for her name.)
4. Injures the protagonist.
On that note, the way Freck beat up Becker in "Second" sickens me. Delights me, 'cause I love angstyness, but sickens me. It's not like Percy and Luke, where Percy is at least almost as skilled as Luke (and for this statement I'm thinking of the fight at the end of SoM. "Welcome aboard, 'cuz." *WRITER DIES*) Freck knows he outmatches Becker hugely, and, unlike Luke, he still retains some compassion for Becker. And he still does it. "'Had enough, Draniac?' Thibadeau Freck stood above the bruised and bloodied Fixer, fists curled. 'Don't make me embarrass you in front of everyone'" Freck, you disgust me. It digusts me even more when, later in the chapter, he's got Becker, bruised, bound, and bleeding, and #claims to be his friend#. At least Luke never hides his feelings toward Percy (what he does to Annabeth is a rant for another day) "Join Kronos." "No way, man" "Now I'll kill you" Another difference, and this one is to Freck's benefit. Even before he shares his body with Kronos, Luke stops at nothing to kill the Son of the Sea God. Freck, as I stated before, still retains compassion for his former friend, and won't kill him. Further more, he refuses to kill the others, who he has no attachment to, emotional or otherwise.
So that's my rant on Freck and Luke, and their similarities and differences. Please reply back!
P.S. Did you like my introduction for Luke? I spent a long time thinking it up. To long, in fact. *Sighs* I have no life.
P.P.S. I know, that Luke is a hero, but he's like Snape, to me. A Hero in the end, but still a "right greasy git."


I never realized that!


First of all, he betrays his bestest buddies and tries to take over the World, but then Becker realizes that Thibidau is actually a good guy. In Last Olympian, Luke realizes the Titans are a common enemy, so he commits suicide to save everybody.


I read the percy jackson series a little bit ago and i loved it!! and i think your totolly right.


He sort of does, yeah.

Although you have to hand it to Thib: At least he never actually tried to kill Becker. On the contrary--he may have given Becker a pretty thorough going-over, but he did everything he could to save Becker's life when it really counted.

He risked blowing his double-agent cover, actually, once you think about it.

And then there's Luke, who was trying to kill Percy for pretty much the entire first book. Passively, but it was still him.

Personally I prefer Thib.



Live to Fix - Fix to Live*i know but percy kicks lukes butt Freck becomes a good guy again


Yup, now that you mention it, he does remind me of Luke! Also, while Snape is a "greasy git," you kind of have to give him some credit. I mean, after all those years, he did everything because he loved Harry's mom, Lily, so much. Also, I read way too much, so, yeah...
anyway, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Seems....All totally AWESOME BOOKS!!!!

Catch you on the Flip Side!


you read WAY to much! Just like me!! I always try to find connections within my favorite series. I never noticed the whole Luke-Freck thing but im glad you pointed it out!
P.S. I agree i don't like Luke very much... but after just finishing the "Lost Train of Thought" i dont mind freck so much
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your right

Wow your right! I never thought of that! THanks!