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The Seems: The Lost Train of Thought

The Seems:  The Lost Train of Thought
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NEW The Seems: The Lost Train of Thought (Hardcover) by John Hulme (Author), Michael Wexler (Author)

Fixer Becker Drane never thought things could get so bad: he's in deep trouble with The Seems for breaking so many rules, he never gets to see his girlfriend, and it looks like his days as a Fixer may be numbered. So when a train carrying a load of Thought destined for The World disappears, Becker reluctantly agrees to join a crew of fixers to solve the mystery-in The Middle of Nowhere. The mission leads Becker into a scenario more terrifying and dangerous than he could have ever prepared for. Getting the Train of Thought back on track is just a temporary Fix. Becker's real mission may prove to be saving The World from ending-forever.

Packed with action, humor and a whole slew of new puns, this third book in The Seems series is a thrilling, nail-biting adventure. Featuring authors John Hulme and Michael Wexler's signature cinematic storytelling, The Lost Train of Thought will take readers on a wild ride.

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The Seems: The Split Second (Hardcover Book)

The Seems: The Split Second (Hardcover Book)
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The Seems: The Split Second (Hardcover & Paperback) by John Hulme (Author), Michael Wexler (Author)

Becker Drane’s still got the coolest job in The World, but it’s getting harder and harder to live a normal life outside of The Seems. He’s always working, getting pulled out of bed to go Fix, and his Me-2™ spends more time with his family than he does. And even though it’s completely against the Rules, he can’t stop thinking about Jennifer Kaley, the totally cool girl he met during his Mission in Sleep. Things don’t get any easier when a bomb explodes in the Department of Time and Becker is called in to take over for a more senior Fixer who disappeared during the Mission. With so many lives at stake, it’s his toughest Fix yet; Becker finds himself going places in The Seems he never knew existed and meeting people long thought dead. Yep, it’s just another day in the life of Becker Drane. Let’s hope he lives to Fix again. . . .

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The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Paperback Edition)

The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Hardcover Book)
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The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Hardcover & Paperback) by John Hulme (Author), Michael Wexler (Author)

Twelve-year-old Becker Drane has definitely got the coolest job of any seventh grader in Highland Park, New Jersey. He works as a Fixer for The Seems. From the Department of Weather to the Department of Sleep, The Seems is a secret organization that makes sure our world keeps running—and more importantly, sticks to The Plan that’s been made for it. But The Plan, and The Seems for that matter, would be nothing without the people in it, and that’s where Becker Drane comes in. When a Glitch is reported in the Department of Sleep, Becker is dispatched to Fix it, but he’s not so sure this is a routine mission. Could the Bed Bugs, who are behind our Worst Nightmares, be responsible for the problems? Or maybe it’s The Tide, an underground organization bent on destroying The Seems? No matter what, Becker’s in for quite an adventure, and it’ll take all his training, a little luck, and the coolest Tools™ known in (or out of) the Seems to Fix the problem.

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The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Audiobook)

The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Audiobook)
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The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep (Audiobook)

The world as you know it was created and is still maintained by The Seems. From the Department of Weather to the Department of Emotions, the Seems ensure our world is just as we like it. Occasionally, something in one of these departments will break down, and a Fixer is sent in to repair it before there is damage to our world. Becker Drane may seem like your average 7th grader, but he's actually one of 37 Fixers in the entire world, and is just about to embark on his first mission. Will Becker fix the Glitch in Sleep and become the hero of the Seems, or will his first assignment be his last?

Michael Wexler and John Hulme are the editors of Voices of the Xiled, a short story collection for adults, and authors of other works of adult nonfiction. Michael and John both live in the New York City area.

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Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier Unknown Soldier: Searching for a Father

On June 30, 1969, Lt. Jack Hulme was killed in Vietnam, having never met his newborn son. Thirty years later, filmmaker John Hulme finally seeks out what happened to his father, and who he really was. What he discovers is a life that mirrored a generation’s struggles...husbands vs. wives, soldiers vs. protestors, America vs. Vietnam. But he also finds wounds that are painfully fresh, especially his mother’s. Together, using the accounts of first-hand witnesses, they travel back to Vietnam, to the place where Jack spent the last few moments of his life…so they can finally come to terms with his death.

"On a grand scale, this film captures a unique piece of American life and history"...Moviemaker Magazine.

"...a fascinating odyssey of discovery...a powerful and timely reminder of the enormous cost borne by war." The Hollywood Reporter

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For the Fun

Michael Wexler For the Fun

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Michael Wexler - For the Fun

Princeton University graduate, ex-professional card player, and author of five published books, Wexler's sophomore release proves nothing short of remarkable. A quantum leap forward from the none-too-shabby "It's Too Late to be A Rock Star [EP]," the melodies bring new life to the meaning in this stand-out bio-pic LP.

Heartfelt hooks like "Beside the Point" and "For the Fun," echo the album's penetrating message while ballads like "The Junk Collector" and "The Night I Robbed The Memory Bank" mine the margins where the psyche begins to fray.

Though Wexler eschews playing live, and only a select few may ever stumble upon his "imaginary music career," those who do will not be disappointed.

"In Tune" Magazine, July 2008

It's Too Late to be a Rock Star [EP]

Michael Wexler It's Too Late to be a Rock Star
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Michael Wexler - It's Too Late to be a Rock Star [EP]

Talented singer-songwriter Michael Wexler's debut EP, featuring Grammy Award Nominee Tift Merritt. Produced by Kevin Wiggins.

"Author Michael Wexler: "Voices of The Xiled" (Doubleday, 1995) & 'The Seems' (Fall 2007! Bloomsbury Press) releases this unlikely musical debut, featuring his first 5 songs recorded to date. The EP includes singles from catchy “It’s Enough,” (showcasing vocals by Grammy Award Nominated singer-songwriter Tift Merritt), to the haunting ballad “The Girl Who Never Was.”

Produced by Kevin Wiggins, Wexler’s melodies are both simple and infectious, like the lyrics which coat them. According to the artist, only 500 copies of the EP have been pressed, and no further runs are in the offing.

Wexler is said to be readying his second effort, “For The Fun,” a full length LP which he will record after the completion of Book 1 of a young adult fantasy series which he & writing partner John Hulme will co-create.

Worth the cost of admission."

-Taper Magazine, Dec 2006

Voices of The Xiled (Paperback Edition)

warning! Warning: This book is intended for grown-ups.



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From Publishers Weekly

Writers and filmmakers, the editors decided to take a stand against all the criticism aimed at the twentysomething generation. What they came up with is an exhilaratingly diverse and honest collection of short fiction by 20 young writers. Although the voices in this collage are undeniably unique, certain themes bind the stories together: a search for self; innocence and experience; slow-dripping desperation; discontent; disillusionment; restlessness; altered states of consciousness; and a general feeling of being on shaky ground. These writers, both new and established, have mined the margins where the psyche begins to fray. The characters vary considerably from the haunting voice of a baby not yet conceived in Tamara Jeffries's "Black Tea" to the scathingly bizarre sick puppy in David Foster Wallace's "Girl with Curious Hair," (a fitting cellmate for Alex in Anthony Burgess's, A Clockwork Orange). Bryan Malessa's letter to Raymond Carver called "Looking Out for Hope" interjects the one shadow of hope amidst the despair. After paragraphs drenched with desperation he ends up by saying, "I'll try to keep the loose ends from fraying too badly.... We're going to find it out there, somewhere." Although the characters are striking, the revolutions are not, really, because everyone is confused when they're young. In this sense, the compilation is more about Everygeneration than Generation X, which is probably the point Hulme and Wexler want to make.

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point Beneath the surface of everyday life is "The Circuit" -- an exotic realm hidden in the burnt out barns, abandoned trainyards and secret alleyways of the American road. Join two young travelers as they stumble into world filled with gypsies, hitchhikers, and Travelers on a search for the mythical location known only as El Dorado.

"In the spirit, but not quite the fashion, of old-time radio serials, Vanishing Point follows Matt Gray and John Krane, desperado pilots of a beat-up Cadillac. With the help of a "bible to the road," the two encounter more than potholes on their excursions; the cosmic road map perpetually turns them towards mystical doorways and curious characters...and offers a twisted, literate sense of adventure to the willing radio listener." College Music Journal.

Thirteen half-hour episodes, featuring special guest appearances by Mary Stuart Masterson, Donal Logue, Pat Hingle and Christian Slater. Also includes ad campaign for Geneweavers™ , "Changing the World one person at a time..."

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