Book 4 or A Better Place 0

Dear Authors of The Seems Series,
I just reread the last two books after reading them for the first time a while ago and just like last time the end was was brutal. The same questions plague me: what happens next? Where did Becker go and what about Jennifer? After looking online and on this site I found out that there was apparently a fourth book so I was jumping off the walls with excitement because after all this time I thight this series ended like that. So I read the first chapter and found out there wasn't anymore and after further research found out you guys might not ever publish/write the fourth book. My disappointment was collossal and I urge you very much to please consider finishing this series once and for all. I'm sure if you write it, the sales will be chart topping and everyone will be eagerly awaiting the movie which after watching even more people will read the fourth book or will want to read the whole series. Which without a fourth book is not really complete. This series has always made me think about the world a little differently and has been my favorite for a long time and my list of favorite books is not very long. I always thought it was so punny (funny because of puns) and such an original world. I have never come across anything so creative and mind blowing. I think it was kind of funny and interesting that you guys compared the plan to God basically. Like The Plan will provide (God will provide) or thank The Plan (thank God) and basically showed that the world really does in real life look like it was designed but not by a fictional world called the seems but by God and that God really does have a plan. It's also very interesting the deep question you guys ask: Why do bad things happen to good people? It almost seems like you are blaming God for it or in the book The Powers That Be are blamed for making The World like that. Very deep question for a children's book and that's what sets this series apart from other children's series making me a 16-year-old or someone older want to read these books. The one thing that you mentioned that I liked in the one chapter of the 4th book is when Becker and Benjamin are talking about why the seems doesn't amend for pollution of people and Becker says because people are bad people and the seems will not interfere. Meaning in a sense that people are not good and the reason the world is the way it is is because people were given free will and with that they chose to pollute or do other bad things to "good people". It shows that God or the seems/ The Plan will not interfere with people in The World because then they would be mindless robots.
Marina Klimova