Book 4???

Okay am I the only one who DEMANDS a fourth book? Because you can SERIOUSLY not end a book like that without worried about hate mail and having waaay less fans. I HAVE to know what happens to Becker! I have toooooo!!!

So, anyone else agree?

Book 4

Hello! I read these books - gosh, 4 years ago now? I ran across them on my bookshelf and was instantly transported back into the world of The Seems. I blazed through them in a few days and, like 4 years ago, felt as though I had hit a brick wall after finishing the third one. I checked online for details on the fourth and was crushed when I saw it hadn't been released. Of course I devoured the released first chapter, but that left me with even more questions and hungrier than ever for new material. I found this website and saw that others have also been crying for 'A Better Place,' but sadly the comments have run thin over time. I guess by posting this I'm trying to show Hulme and Wexler that the Seems isn't dead and we haven't forgotten. And maybe it's well time that we return to the Flip Side?


Well, now it's 2013, I'm trying to decide if I sould spam their inbox. :P

Please Don't :-)

Hi guys,

FYI, John and I (the authors) would LOVE to do a "Book IV: A Better Place." The story is not over!! But sometimes things are in the hands of The Plan not the authors. Maybe, in time, we will have the opportunity.

Until then,


yo bro you can't leave us

yo bro you can't leave us hanging like that man. Unless you want some pretty p@@@@@ fan

hanging out

hey zackman,

"the plan" is for there to be a fourth book. i believe an excerpt is available on this website. it's called "A Better Place." we would never leave you hanging (except between books) but not sure if a fourth will get published or not!!

guess it's in the hands of the other Plan? (with a capital "P")


yo no fair man

yo bro you can`t leave us hanging that . Unless of course you what some pretty p@@@@@ fans

Yes there is!!!!

I searched it up and there is going to be a fourth book... look at the link. Look at the comments.

THERE is a fourth book and is confirmed

It is called the seems: stories for another day
i no because in book 3 if you look in oone of the captions it says that it is coming soon

OMG! Reaally???

Really Fixer Splatz? Me-2 told you there will be a 4th book? You're not joking? If not, then I will await that book.
-Faye here, peace out.


No joke. Remember when you first login? And you get an e-mail from the website monitor that says not to hesitate to reply? Well I sent this

Hey, thanks. Two things. ! I LOVE THE SEEMS> I own every book. @ Is there gonna be a third book? I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO BECKER

And I got an email back that said

Dear Blake.

Thanks for your email. I'm glad you love The Seems!! (And that you
own all THREE books??). Do you have Book III: "The Lost Train of
Thought."? From what I hear under The Rader, there is gonna be a
fourth book. I know that it's going to be called "A Better Place" but
that's all I know. Especially with what happened to Becker and all.
Keep track on the BeckerBlog AND/OR our Seems Facebook Page. Also, I
will try to send out an email with any info if/when I get it.

Becker's Me-2 (covering for Fixer Drane)

So yeah its no lie

No worries peps

I just got a peice of info from Me-2 there WILL be a book 4 and it shall be called "a better place"

Fixer Splatz over and out.

they need to make a 4th book

they need to make a 4th book

I AGREE!!!!!!!!~

I AGREE!!!!!!!!~

Just finished series


I just finished the series and I'm dying to know what happens next! Are you guys going to make a book 4?
It's cool if your not though it would be awesome
Have you made any other books too?


they aren't going to make a fourth book. if you forgot THERE WAS AN EPILOUGE! epiluges only happen at the end of a series

..., there was an epilogue at the end of the 1st and 2nd too...

there had better be another book....


The books were great till the end of the last one.
The hero dies. He Loses the girl and she forgets who he is! And to top it all off the bad guy wins. Says he is going to remake the world. Betrays his wife and threatened to kill his mom!!!!!!! That's SOooooo wrong.....fix this with a fourth book....or you can go to "A Better Place" yourself!!!

Ill keep an eye out for the fourth book but till then I will not be reading anything by this author again...its been a long time since I have had the time to read a good book and when I finally get time I end up with this crappy I know why its smarter to just play video games.

Sad....Very sad.....

GOOD DAY!*@.........

Bit harsh?

Isn't that going a bit too hard on them? Personally, I really liked the ambiguous ending of book three. It gave us a lot of insight into Samuel Hightower's motives--and I don't think you can honestly say he's a villain as such, because he *is* trying to help The World in the long term.

Not saying he's all saintly either, but that's what I like about the books: The sort of grey-and-grey moral outlook on life.

Also, the blog entries suggest that Becker is very alive, so there's probably a more clear-cut happy ending for him in the making. Or at least an ending that provides more closure. :)



that's his ME-2

Catch you on the flip side
Live to fix, Fix to live
(Sam, Fixer #109)


that's his ME-2

Catch you on the flip side
Live to fix, Fix to live
(Sam, Fixer #109)

Thanks Ashe :-)

thanks for sticking up for us!!

michael wexler (co-author)

ps. Book 4 will be called "A Better Place." If there is a Book 4...

You're Really Making Us Think.....

Fixer 52

So it may not be...... So far it doesn't really matter to me, because I'm only about to start book two. Soooooo......... If you could make another book in two days, that'd be awesome.

I still LOVE your books

I still LOVE your books but you cant end a story like that, what about Beckers family, his friends, Jennifer, Titan, Benjamin, THE SEEMS!! Please please, please make a fourth book. And please, please, please dont let Becker be dead. Though I still LOVE your books! :)

I beleve there should be a

I beleve there should be a 4th book even if Thibadeau has to continue it and mabby becker isent dead It's possible they didn't say he was, just jested it.

I agree!

-michael wexler (the author)

There could be another book where Becker would be back...

well if the third book said that he died somewhere with the train crashing in the in-between, doesnt that mean that his body should be lost in there too? and maybe since the epilogue said that he was already in a better place, he could be in just some sort of... um, coma? so its still possible =) there could be a fourth book, one where the fixers and briefers (and hopefully Thib would be there, he's clear of charges people! =P) to try to find Becker's body and bring him back =D And there's a happy ending to all! Hehe... =P

Becker MIA or KIA?

If Becker did go to A Better Place maybe they could still bring him back. Through a Door maybe. Personnally though, I think he should be lost somewhere in the Stream of Conciousness right now. PLEASE LET THERE BE ANOTHER BOOK!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

book 4

I agree that they can't just leave us hanging like that, there should be some sort of ending involving becker

how do u know he's dead

how do u know he's dead


They are SO GOOD!!! but how can dead guys Fix?!?!

Possible title

In accordance with the tradition of using bad puns,I give you The Seems:The Hair Trigger.


Umm... how does this relate to the topic?
Are you saying the next book will be with that topic? The Hair Trigger? And in that book you suggest, how will there be a connection to Becker (and him hopefully coming back)?
No fights, peace please


cause #1 it gives us time to talk about it on the websites forum and #2 the suspense makes want to read it more


Do I ever agree with that! I really do hope we're not left hanging like that--though I don't need it *now*, especially considering how awesome it was that a new book came out every year for ... what, three years? 07, 08 and 09. that's pretty impressive... So I think a short author-break is in order.

Anyway, the wait between books does lend itself to some pretty neat fanfiction ideas...

(spoiler) In any case, I'd be willing to wait a long time for a fourth book as long as we don't open it to find that Becker really was killed on the Inbetweener. (Not that that's too possible, considering that he *is* the main character, but you never know.)


SPOILER ALERT (read with caution)

But lots of main characters have died, for example Artemis Fowl, and Bobby Pendragon, (halfway death/limbo) so why not Becker? It's perfectly possible, and it WOULD make the book PRETTY interesting. Provided that Becker gets out of A Better Place... HE BETTER GET OUT OF THERE!!! Seriously though, I've had enough of the main characters dying in books. It's the twisted way of thinking... Which DOES make it REALLY interesting... Hm... Maybe it IS a good thing Becker died. Or maybe not. I don't know...

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Krystal Meyers, #52
The World
Sector 122
Live to fix, fix to live

P.S. Don't call me Krystal, call me Krys.

It's 2011, I'm WAITING!!!

I think that the subject says it all. I still can't find a book for Stories for another day. Book #3 Said it was coming soon.


Let's go Becker

im still confuzzled.......

ya of course they are making that book, but i wanna know what happens to becker! im probably ( ha ha, probably) 1 of the seems biggest fans (i might be a little more obsessed then necesary) and i REALLY! need a 4th book to come out. not just stories for another day.

cleanup crew

Spoiler alert!
Don't you remember (if you read the third book) that the charges pressed against Becker were that Jenny couldn't remember him. Then, before he went on the Inbetweener, he said to carry out his sentence. So the cleanup crew unremembered Jenny, before the guy came and said welcome and all that. so, she COULDN'T remember him, no matter hard she tried.

i know

i didn't see a note yeah spoiler jenny shouldve remembered becker

I totaly agree, they should

I totaly agree, they should have made her remember that was a little over the top. So the next book dosn't continue the story?

did you read #3?

didn't you see the little note in #3? they are making "the Seems: Storys for another day". even though it doesn't continue the story, it's still cool. Besides, the last book had a great ending. SPOILER ALERT! If there was one problem, Jenny didn't even remember Becker.