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A Friend Indeed

Sorry I haven't felt like blogging of late, but it's weird. When I first got “the best job in The World” and went to Orientation at the IFR, I figured I had found something that would make it so I was never unhappy again.

Becoming a Fixer is the coolest thing that ever happened to me, but this summer I’ve really been noticing how much fun some of my friends and a lot of other people my age seem to be having. They’re not worried about school and they go to the Rutgers Pool or down the shore and boogie board – and they don’t have a care in The World.

Me, on the other hand – being a Fixer is a 364, 25 x 7 – job and even now that I’m off from school, I still have to be on my toes. I guess the other thing that’s been happening is that a lot of my friends don’t call me a lot anymore. They know that I’m busy with work and “whatever Becker does with his time.” A lot of them think that I’m like into comic books or I became Goth or I have problems at home or something. I guess I do have problems at home. I mean, Con Man and Chudnick and even the Crozier brothers kind of do their own thing and hang out at The Slab and I try to come once and a while but even then it’s awkward because we have such different interests. They talk about girls and Stewart’s Root Beer and I’m thinking about Jennifer and The Flip Side.

No one wants to read depressing blogs, so I should probably be quiet. Maybe I need to make some new friends in The Seems? But they have their own life also. Or hang out with some other Fixers in The World – but they’re all grown ups and are busy with other things. Sometimes I actually wish that this Seems thing never even happened and I could go back to being a regular kid again. I really shouldn’t say that, though – because you know what they say – “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”

If you have any suggestions, I’m all eyes.

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Just wanted to apologize to everybody for the current heat-wave. Though Summer WAS scheduled to arrive this week, there was a minor malfunction in the Heating Pad (a cool hang out place where the Hot Heads manage temperature) -- and they got so excited about being a part of the Weather pattern that they went a little bit overboard and exceeded the 100 degree (Fahrenheit) mark.

To make a long story medium, I happened to get the Call to go and cool down the whole situation -- which unlike most Missions which entail a lot of mechanical work -- had a lot more to do with telling the Hot Heads to chill out -- and that they would get their chance in August to really jack up the mercury.

I will say that the Heating Pad is a very cool place -- kind of like a loft (though very warm) and the Hot Heads are a very interesting group. They can fly off at the handle sometimes, but usually respond to reason. Basically, I just talked to them boy to man and showed them some pictures of the suffering of people in The World due to the unexpected heat. They agreed to drop the humidity and then I put a call into the Department of Weather to move a cold front through (which caused those thunderstorms yesterday) -- so today (I hope) should be much better.

They've agreed to keep things chill for the next couple days, and so "Hot Town, Summer in The City," was deemed a successful Mission. That is very important because Fixers keep track of their records (like 10-0, or 12-3) like boxers and so far I am "undefeated." It wasn't the most glamorous Mission ever, but I'm hoping the drop in temperature will make a difference for the people of The World -- especially on the east coast -- like where I live!

Anyway, I'm getting ready for this dreaded vacation to The Cape with my family. Ugh. Life's a b*&% and then you go to A Better Place.



Go Big Brown Redux....


Go Big Brown!

I know most people aren't into horse racing, and I'm usually not either, but since my Dad is a Triple Crown freak, I've kind of become one two. It's been thirty years since the last time a horse won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes in a row, and Dad says that the 1978 Belmont, when Affirmed nosed out Alydar to win the Triple Crown (the last time a horse did it) was the greatest sporting event he ever saw. That's kind of ancient history to me, but he totally got me sucked into the thing a few years ago when Smarty Jones almost did it, and now I'm hooked. Even started reading the Black Stallion series, which is kind of embarrassing but if you actually read the books, they're awesome. Anyhow, if you really want to know why I'm so into what's about to happen later today, when Big Brown goes for the big prize, is that I was watching ESPN Classic one night, and this Sports Century episode about Secreteriat came on.

I dare you not to cry...

Part I

Part II

The Mets suck...

What else is there to say?

A Leave of Absence

Some of you might know my friend, Briefer #356 – Simly Frye. He assisted me on “The Glitch in Sleep” and is a very fine Briefer indeed (although being a little bit of a geek.) A lot of people write to me and ask, “What’s up with Simly? And, “Do you think he’ll ever make it to Fixer?” Well, we know it’s an uphill battle because he’s a Seemsian and Seemsians don’t have a 7th Sense, but Simly did have a bit of breakthrough while chasing after that nasty Glitch, and is doing everything he can to keep the momentum going...

However, I was just informed that Briefer Frye has decided to take a leave of absence. He called it a “leave of presence” in his B-Mail because he said he is going on a “soul-searching pilgrimage” to channel his “inner Fixer.” I’m not sure what this means or where it means he’s going, but I reckon it will be something very Simly-esque. I admire his determination because many Seemsians would never even think of rising above Briefer, because only two ever have. But Simly is heck-bent on being the first one in his family to do so, and I think a lot of it has to do with making his Grandpa Milton proud.

In any case, I sent him back a message wishing him luck on his journey – wherever it might take him. I just hope he doesn’t set out with hundreds of Tools strapped all over his body, or talk everyone he meets to death. But knowing Simly…

Anyway, good luck Briefer #356. Live to Fix, Fix to Live!

Knee Deep

Just wanted to give out a shout-out to my good friend Connell Hutkin (1/2 of the famous ‘Hutkin Boyz’ gang of Highland Park) who somehow managed to break his knee in a rock climbing accident. It should be mentioned that said knee was broken at an indoor rock climbing facility designed for children under the age of 8 yrs, and occurred from a height of approx. 2 feet.

Authorities are unsure how The Con Man actually broke his knee given this situation, but onlookers say it was very creative. His knee is now bionic (ie…metal) and he will have trouble going through airport security for the rest of his life. The good news, however, is that come winter – he will be hobbled and much less powerful in the annual snowball fight. With his gimp knee, he will be rendered helpless and trounced repeatedly by myself and others in the neighborhood – only to be left buried in an igloo and need to be rescued by his mom.

But seriously, everybody please send your wishes to C. Hutkin via me at Even though he’s stuck at home playing Grand Theft Auto IV all day, it’s still not that all that fun. Hang in there Con!! And don’t have any knee-jerk reactions. Oops. Sorry. : - )

Say It Ain't So

Got bored Friday night, everyone asleep, and with Grant Theft Auto IV officially banned from the Drane household (forcing me to sneak over to Connell's house tomorrow morning at 10 AM sharp), went on a YouTube binge of my old favorite band, Weezer. Honestly, love just about all their videos, especially Spike Jonze's "The Sweater Song"...but something kept pulling me back to this classic...

Still love their sound, but definitely miss the original lineup. Hope you enjoy...


Just want to take a moment to congratulate our around the corner neighbors on Walter Ave., John Hulme and Jennifer Altman, on the birth of their daughter, Madeline Altman Hulme. I watch their four year old son Jack from time to time, and though I can tell he's a little freaked out to have a screaming little creature moving into the house, at least he's not outright hostile (like I supposedly was when the still screaming little creature known as Benjamin moved unnannounced into 12 Grant Avenue and began stealing all my toys (and parental attention)). Mom and baby doing great, too, so hopefully she's another source of babysitting income for someone whose other job pays a lot in meaning/making a difference points (not to mention Seems Credit) but zilcho in good old American $.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about whether it was cool to “check up on” on a certain girl from Caledon, Ontario, Canada via my Blinker or the internet. Here's a couple of my favorites...

Blake47 from Montecito said: “Not cool, BD. Don’t be a Stalker.”

JuliePep from Brooklyn said: “Why don’t you just call her on the phone? If you don’t make your move, someone else will.”

And SuperSoul from Oregon wrote: “This is a complex ethical dilemma.” (Thanks a lot, dude.)

Well, I just want to say that I may have a contact in The Seems who is going to provide me with some more information regarding this situation and I am seriously considering circumventing (or at least bending) The Golden Rule and sending her an email or a letter. The problem is, if I get flagged for a Violation, that could be the end of my job as a Fixer. I could even get unremembered of The Seems entirely.

Also, I have to think about the human toll. I don’t want to freak JK out, because you have to remember we only met in a Dream. Imagine if someone in your Dream showed up in your real life? But even with all of these reservations, she was just really cool – cooler than any girl I know in Highland Park and you don’t get to meet someone like that very often. Now that it’s almost summer, it would really be nice to have someone to go to Dairy Deluxe with or hang out on The Slab or chase ducks in Donaldson Park. As Philly18 (and I know that's you, Marcus) so aptly put it before telling me that I'm an idiot for even considering breaking the Rules: "Sometimes being a Fixer can get lonely."

He's not kidding.