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Mission Mix!

Hey Fixers and Briefers:

Spruce up your Mission Mixes/listen to the dulcet tunes of Seems co-author Michael Wexler during your down (or up) time! The last year has been tough on all of us and these little numbers help out like a good piece of Trouble Gum™.

Everybody has different taste (one of the 12 senses) but I recommend it highly!

iPod, iPad, Blinker™ and Bleceiver™ friendly... :-)


Becker's Me-2™ (covering for Fixer Drane)

Vanishing Point

It's been kind of hard being Me™ lately -- especially with Becker gone and my circuitry getting bad -- but my programming is to cover for my Fixer til the bitter end that's what I shall do.

I wanted to share something reallly coool with you that's been helping Me in this time of need:

It's called VANISHING POINT -- a killer project by John Hulme and Michael Wexler -- the same guys that write the books about Becker and his adventures in The Seems!!

Anyway, check it out -- and get it on your iPod/iPad/Bleceiver™ today!!

yours truly/LTF-FTL!!

Becker's Me-2™ (covering for Fixer Drane)

Paperback Writer

Dear Everyone:

The Seems: "The Lost Train of Thought" (Book 3 in the series) comes out in paperback TODAY!!! If you haven't read ALL THREE Seems books ("The Glitch in Sleep", "The Split Second" & "The Lost Train of Thought") then you are not up to Speed!!

I am still having trouble accepting what happened to Becker, but there is still Hope!

Click here for the local and express:


-Becker's Me-2™ (covering for Fixer Drane.)

p l s h l p

i n a b e t r p l a e

t r y n t o g e t o t

m u s t o p t r i t n

j e n n f r

Seems Rocks World

A big LTF-FTL to all of our worldwide readers!!! The Seems is now available in Germany, Spain, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Canada, The Philippines, Brazil, Netherlands, and more!!

Soon The Seems will be published in China and, of course, the all new Pig Latin edition (jk :-) ).

Keep your Transport Goggles™ fastened and your Speed Demons™ laced up tight!

PS. The new Seems Store™ is now open @!

-Becker's Me-2™ (covering for Fixer Drane)

A Minor Glitch

Dear All:

Me-2 here (aka Becker Drane.). Unfortunately, I don't have any further updates on Becker, but I must say I am missing him less and less. Taking over his life has been fun, and to be honest I won't be bummed out if he never comes back.

Anyway, I'm writing to apologize about the Minor Glitch we had on the website this week!! For those of you who are Glitch experts, there are three kinds: Minor, Major, and the Mother. The Glitch in Sleep was Major -- the Glitch in "The Lost Train of Thought" was the Mother -- and the one that crashed the website was Minor.

Fear not, the Glitch has been found and Fixed. Nothing a little Glitchometer™ and Elbow Grease™ couldn't remedy.

Hope everyone is doing well and stay tuned for the big grand opening next week of the all new SEEMS STORE! ( We think you'll really like it.

Peace out
Au Revoir Gopher,


Mr. Sun

For all you fans of "The Lost Train of Thought" who asked about Sid Friendly, Becker's favorite punk rocker for little kids, we thought you might enjoy the video they did for "Mr. Sun" -- the same song that Jennifer Kaley listens to in the book. And stay tuned to Becker's Blog for the rest of Mission Mix #9: "Songs For When Things Are Going Down The Drane..." 

Video can also be seen on The Seems Facebook Fanpage...LTF-FTLMe.

Seems Fan Art

I want to congratulate 11 year-old Zharrae Vaughn for winning the first "Seems" fan art contest. Zharrae attends UC TEAMS charter school in Plainfield, NJ, and that's his illustration of Becker (I just got my spring hair-cut, so it doesn't look like Me anymore). The authors will be posting info on their next contest soon, but in the meantime, if anyone has any pictures they'd like to submit, please send them Me at



The Day That Time Stood Still

Just got forwarded a cool Seems link, thought you might enjoy.


New Tunes

Just wanted to give you guys the heads up to check out a few new tunes on the Fixer Jukebox. Three by "The xx", my new favorite band, as well as some Iron & Wine and The Arcade Fire. And for those of you requesting Devo, trying to track down my, er, Becker's Dad's old Vinyl records as we speak. Be on the lookout for some "Whip It" and "Uncontrollable Urge," once the censors have a had a look...

LTF-FTL, and talk to you soon.