#42 need a briefer!!!!!

I need a fixer. Apply by answering these questions.

1. What # fixer is Becker?

2. What is 20x20.

3. What is the 10th sense?

4. What am i thinking right now??????

My answers

1. #37

2. 400

3. ESP

4. How awesome it would be to be a fixer


Sorry! :)

Oops, sorry! my bad!

Catch you on the Flip Side

Application :-)

1. Becker is #37
2. 20x20=400
3. the 10th sense is ESP
4. You are thinking that working for the Seems is "the best job in the World" (that, or you're thinking about lemonade/green)

i meant briefer.

i did!
Fixer #42, Reporting for duty