At World's End

If you have any suspicious sightings you want to talk about, do it. Seriously, don't hesitate, we ALL want to know. Or maybe it's just me... Also, just to entertain you guys, and this really happened by the way, two days ago, it was raining really hard and the lights were flickering on and off. I was emailing my friend from across the country when I heard banging and something flew towards my window. Wonder what it was... The power actually completely went off... For about thirty seconds... On the other hand, car alarms kept on going off whenever you heard a bang, so... Exciting, not really. Whatever, I'm done now... Happy Holidays, and we will all get through the end of the world!


Oh my god I think it's magic... But it's spring, right?... Right.

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Krystal Meyers, #52
The World
Sector 122
Live to fix, fix to live

P.S. Don't call me Krystal, call me Krys.

its spring

hey ive got some weird thing going on over here its every morning , when i wake up its pouring and raining and literally in a split second i blink my eyes and bam its clear skyies whats going on please reply sincerly fixer swifter267