top 3 book series (repley if you agree)

1.The seems

2.percy jackson

3.simon bloom


These aren't in order:
Harry Potter
The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Secret Series
and a lot more but these were the first ones that came to my head
ok sorry the seems isn't on there, but although they're not one of my favorites i still think they're a really good series

1. Vampire Academy 2.

1. Vampire Academy
2. Nightmare Academy
3. The Seems :DDD


XD I just read over my last post again and realised that I had put Discworld ... second?

... What?

Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking. On reflection I feel that Discworld ranks right up there with The Seems--in very different ways, but I adore them both--and Hunger Games should come second. I do like the Hunger Games but ... it's such an insanely cynical, depressing series. I think it has its place, but it's not one of those series that I can endlesly go back and reread. I think a lot of the "fun" (such as it is) in Hunger Games comes from the suspense you get reading it the first time round. The second time you know how badly everything ends and it's even more of a downer than before.

But with books like The Seems (even with the current ending of book three), I don't have that trouble because they're just so--much--fun.

(Not actually making a new list because I feel in some way that would be cheating. ;) Felt my crazy choices below needed rectifying, though.)

:) Ashe

A Better Place

Hey Ashe! I kind of like the ending of Book 3 -- but I'm a bit biased.

BTW -- John Hulme has been working on Book 4: "A Better Place" and is lobbying to post Chapter 0 in The Fixer's Lounge. Not sure when/how this book will ever come out -- but if it ever does.... look out World!!! :-)

michael wexler (the author)


Mr. Wexler, first of all, I think I sort of misworded my reply up there. I really liked the ending of book 3 as well. XD I'm part of that slightly odd minority who likes the suspense of ambiguous endings. (It's a bummer how much flack you guys got for it.(

Also, wow, I'm now completely stoked for the day when we'll get to preview "A Better Place"! Thank you!

:) Ashe


"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. Its not 'our boys'. Its 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.

Random question

This is pretty random, I'll seem kinda stupid for putting it, but were you born in February?

Random Answer

You know, in all the three years (give or take) I've been using this username, no one has ever ever noticed that. Props. ;) Yep, I was born in February.

(To keep this generally on topic, I'll throw another question out there: Has anybody ever read "The True Meaning of Smekday"? My mercurial top three list seems to be making another change ... I think I'll have to put it on there somewhere. It's a good read.) :)


"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.

I looked it up at the

I looked it up at the library, and it turns out, I did read it! I mean, how could anyone forget about the cat named Pig or the three (give or take) pages of all "meow meow meow meow".


Exactly. Glad somebody else has read it. Thus far I haven't found anybody who knows what in the world I'm talking about except a few who read the book at my suggestion. It's kind of too bad, really.



"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.

My top 3

1.Heroes of Olympus

2. 39 clues

3. the Seems

From: Seemslover3

my thoughts

1. Discworld
2. Gregor/ Hunger games
3. de Granville trilogy
4. The Seems

The Top 3

Hmmmm my top 3 would have to be......................

1. Maximum Ride ( Iknow I'm a dirty no good covert operative but I just love this series. You want my badge now, dont you?)
2. The Seems ( See it is on my list. Oh, you still want my badge. *sigh*)
3. Avalon: The Web Of Magic ( Its awesome. nuff said)


My Favorite Series

(In no particular order)
The Seems
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
Enderverse (Ender's Game, Children of the Mind, Shadow of the Hegemon, etc.)
Maximum Ride
Artemis Fowl

You can't really compare books to each other. Each book is unique in its own way. Each story is written in a different style. Books, stories, all are different. None are exactly the same. How can you compare a story of wizards to a story of cats? You can only compare how they affect you, what impression it makes, and the truth that is found in the stories. These stories are not created, they are discovered and written down. Who are we to critic someone's life, someone's story? There are no "best" series. There are only series we like best.


to atamagaiiRyu about the redwall series which one is your favorite. mine is taggerrung

Sorry for the late reply

Taggerung was cool I love the otters. But badgers are my favorite so i'm gonna go with Outcast of Redwall.

top 3

1. seems/harry potter/diary of a wimpy kid/percy jackson/countless others
2. okay, i have to admit that everything's tied for 1st. i'm not that picky.
3. "

top 3 book series

1. The Seems
2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Kane Chronicles
3. Harry Potter/The Secret Series

Top 3

1.The Seems
2. Myth series (Robert Asprin)
3. Xanth Series (Piers Anthony)

Although Diane Duane Young Wizards series is runner up
And The Time Series by Madelein L'Engle is a classic that all the rest just try to be

Of course now that Im older Im into Ursula K Leguin (Anything) Roger Zelazny, (Amber Series) Samuel R. Delany,(Anything) Philip Jose Farmer (Riverworld Series) Joan D. Vinge (Psion Series) To name a few

Yes Im really into scifi

The true 3

1. The seems. DUH
2. Percy Jackson.
3. Unsure havent read Hunger games, but have the book.
Fixer #42, Reporting for duty

actual best

1. seems/Twilight saga
2. diary of a wimpy kid
3. artemis fowl
these r the 4ever best!!!!!!!!

live 2 fix...fix 2 live

oh yeah i forgot the

oh yeah i forgot the underland series(im a huge reader sometimes i forget books) so heres mine
1. the seems/hunger games trilogy
2. warriors(the one about the cats)
3. undecided somewhere between a tie with underland chronicles percy jackson

I Forgot Something...

I want to tie Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, and The Seems for first. And, I think the Underlander sieries should be in fourth.

This Is What I Think...

1.The Seems
2.Percy Jackson
3.Harry Potter
4.Dairy of a Wimpy Kid

note to Amethystaheryn

about the hunger games they HAVE to come out with a 3rd book sooner than august i won't be able to make it


Jaysky, I agree with you on all counts.

Although ... I think the Seems and the Hunger Games would tie for first place. they are both seriously epic.

Actually, on second thought, I may have to agree on Percy Jackson. It's an all right series, but not one of my favorites.

But my list would probably be:

1. The Seems/The Hunger Games
2. The Discworld books (Terry Pratchett)
3. The Artemis Fowl series



iv never read percy jackson so i cant say anything about that. and im not the biggest fan of harry potter. but this is how my list goes:

1. the seems
2. the cursed (not a series)
3. for this 1 i cant name a serires but i can name several individual books like fever, swindle, the book of knowledge, and first light

thats all aculy true

i think that those are right

This Is the real one!

Hey! I think we all know that the true top book list is

1. The Seems (You can't deny it, I only agree with this one, though.
2. Percy Jackson (WHO DARES CHANGE THAT!?)
4. Diary of a Whimpy Kid
5. Magic tree house

no way!!!!!!

1. theseems(yeah this one is the top)
2. HUNGER GAMES AND CATCHING FIRE(book three is going to be called the victors
3. percy jackson


1. seems
2. diary of wimpy kid
3. artimas fowl