If your like me and love to fix and build see if you can give me examples of tools from the seems(that can be built).
"Sticks and Stones"
"Fly on the Wall"

Hello??? ( Message For Toolman )

Dude, are you even there? Or did The Tide kidnap you like the other people on this site? Just to be safe - and it's fun anyways - I'm in the middle of making stuff suited for a Fixer to carry. Creating the tools seems fun. And if anyone ever pops a question on me about The Tide, I'm ready. Don't ask what I meant by that, trust me, you do not want to know. And if you want a way to have messages come through faster, just create a new forum topic with your message. Which is what I'll do to this message when I'm done with it. You too Annie.

Catch you on the flip side!
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Helping Hand?

Just stick a glove on a branch while the wind's blowing. :D :) :D :)

Catch you on the flip side!
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