We had to do poetry for English class at school, and here was my submission. Mrs. Wolfson gave me a B...


When the days are long and it gets much funner.

When the Corner Confectionary is crowded with people sitting
on the street and eating two scoops, it’s really no bummer.

When the birds are chirping and they wake you up early in the morning but you don’t mind because you want to become a runner.

When there’s barbeques and the smell of charcoal in the air and you go to the beach and you’re tan and relaxed and you come home and watch “Dumb and Dumber.”

When school is a thing of the past and the future and your little brother clogs up the toilet so you have to call the plumber.

In my book, that’s called Summer.

By Becker Drane.


Your poem "Summer"

I wonder why Mrs. Wolfson gave you a B... BECAUSE THAT ROCKED! That sooo describes summer! Oh, by the way, I took the S.A.T On this website, and only got three wrong! I'm a Briefer! I'll try to find my 7th sense and become a fixer like you!

JK Problems


You seriously got a big problem. Maybe you can ask Blaque for advice, he might give better advice than the Case Workers who just say: "NO!"
Or if you are willing to risk it, call, email, anything to get in contact. Or you could say you "accidentally" got on the wrong Leap and found yourself in Caledon...

Live to Fix, Fix to Live.
Live to Read, Read to Live
(I mean reading The Seems!)