spoler only come n f youve read the 3rd book and finished it

come in here if you have comments on the real triton


Personally, I think it was a really interesting twist that Triton won the "war"--if you will--in the end.

And honestly, I can't say he was all bad. Don't get him mixed up with people like his underlings--like the Flavor Miner, for example, because he was crazy. I think Triton had a legit goal, and that was to make The World better ... He did it in a way that was maybe not the best, but I don't think anyone was listening to him before The Tide--or at least, nobody in power was.

Who knows? Maybe if Eve Hightower had remained second-in-command, the world would be a charred mess right now. Maybe Samuel Hightower was good for it.


My thougts on triton's identity

I strongly believe that Triton(AKA Samuel Hightower) should have been identified before he became Second in Command, because this brings about the whole "bad guys winning" deal that pretty much ruins the whole book.