So, what happens to a Me-2 when its Fixer is killed?

... Or just MIA, like we all hope Becker still is?

I remember Becker making a comment in the Lost Train of Thought about how he didn't want Benjamin to know what the Me-2 really was in case it had to decommission itself. That makes me think that once a Fixer is killed, its Me-2 just goes inactive and is returned to the IFR. But I wasn't sure.

How do they explain the supposed death of a Fixer when its Me-2 goes inactive, if this is the case? They obviously can't say, "Oh, your son/father/brother/sister etc was killed in action working for the Seems ..." But they can't unremember them either.

I suppose I've always thought a better way would be just to leave the Me-2 with the family of the PIA or MIA Fixer (though I suppose the recharging bit would be a problem, but it sounded like they had a more long-term solution to that problem with the Me-3s.)

So, thoughts? Did I just miss something in the books?



-Densel, Fixer # 99
I dunno, maybe the Me-2 will be the one who plays the fixer's life forever(OUCH!)

Its own being

The Me-2 is its own being. It just shares its memories, looks, and personalities with another person. Think of it like a robotic clone. Except with less of the robot, and more of the clone. If that person ceases to exist, then their Me will still live on. However, any growth, physical, emotional, mental, etc., will stop. It will continue to make memories of its own, since it is still connected to the Memory Bank. As for charging, that may be done during sleep when none are watching. However, the body will be stuck at the same stage as when the real being died. Thus, it appear to be the same age eternally while others grow on. Although, I do believe that the Seems Authorities would contact the perished Fixer's family and explain to them what has happened. And the Me-2 would be shut down. It is possible that they can program the Me to grow as if the actual Fixer would grow, but I would doubt that. If they informed the Fixer's family of the Fixer's other occupation, then the Me would only bring pain and heartache because having the perfect clone would only remind them so much of their dead relative. Also, it would alienate the Me because as much as alike they are, it is not the person they know (in their minds. Essentially, they are the same being, but one is organic and one is artificial). If the family were not informed of the Fixer's occupation, then that would cause problems of marriage, having children, etc. I think, if a Fixer would be PIA, then the best course of action would be to inform the family of the death of the mentioned Fixer, explain his/her occupation, but not in too much detail, arrange an explainable death for the World (by this I mean a car accident or something similar), and shut down the Me.


Maybe. Except, what happens if the Me-2 is lounging around with the family, or with friends? Playing a baseball game in front of a lot of people? (Just think about the mess it would cause if Lisa Simms's Me-2 deflated itself in the middle of one of her orchestra performances! Ouch--what a mess for The Seems's cleanup crew ...)

:) Ashe

I think...

That the Me-2 is instantly deflated, then the Department of Human Affairs comes and picks it up before anyone notices.


Well, maybe ... Except wasn't there a comment somewhere in the books about the Me-2 having a battery life of like, a week? Do they self-charge, you figure?



well maybe the me-2 can go forever if the Fixer dies live 2 fix...fix 2 live