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Michael Wexler

Michael WexlerMichael L. Wexler was born on tax day (April 15), and thus, was written off from a very young age.

Defying all odds, he thrived in the middle class suburbia of Highland Park, NJ, though always longing for the bucolic, potato-growing paradise which Kendall (see below), ironically, seemed to shun.

With a dearth of plaid and a Brooklyn Fade haircut, Wexler arrived as a Freshman at Princeton University and quickly met all the right people -- ensuring quality vacation houses and good conversation to this very day.

When seeking fame and fortune as a means to achieve happiness proved a macguffin, Wexler resorted to dreaming up fantasy worlds inside of which to contextualize his ennui -- and has been residing there ever since.

Though family members have often pleaded with him to return to the "real world," and a stint in the R-Wing has not been ruled out, Wexler seems to have cobbled together a patchwork cosmology which has kept him out of the big house, and in fairly good physical health.

Mike or Michael -- either way is fine -- enjoys Autumn, long walks in the park, chess, tennis, songwriting, and sitting on a pool deck in the sun.

John Hulme

John HulmeAfter graduating from the University of Michigan, I found success in a wide variety of jobs, including envelope stuffer, professional movie extra, and independent blood delivery contractor. But after a fortuitous reunion with Michael Wexler — my high-school soccer and tennis teammate — I decided to walk away from those lucrative careers and pursue the traditionally stable path of writer/filmmaker.

Michael and I co-created a host of projects in various media, including VANISHING POINT, an episodic radio drama broadcast on National Public Radio and XM Radio’s Sonic Theater, which we later adapted into an online role-playing game for Microsoft. We co-authored five books together, most recently THE SEEMS: a trilogy of kids’ fantasy novels from Bloomsbury Children Books. We also wrote The Seems screenplay adaptation for 20th Century Fox, which hasn’t resulted in a movie yet but at least got my family some much needed medical insurance. I’m still hopeful Book 4 of The Seems will soon see the light of day, but as of this moment, Michael’s whereabouts are unknown…

As a filmmaker, I’ve made many short films and music videos, some of which you can see on the Film/Video section of this website. My first-feature length project, UNKNOWN SOLDIER: SEARCHING FOR A FATHER — a documentary about my quest to know my father, who was killed in Vietnam before we ever had the chance to meet – premiered on HBO’s America Undercover in 2005. I am currently at work on BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS: A BASKETBALL EXORCISM – a documentary about the state championship game I lost in high school and all the racial, religious and class issues that simmered underneath — and NO SUCH THING, a feature-length horror film inspired by a series of recurring nightmares that I had as a child. I started having them again after my children were born, and this is the only way I can think of to make them go away. Stay tuned to the Blog and I’ll let you know how it goes…

I live in Highland Park, NJ with my wife, Jennifer, and our children, Jack and Maddie.n.

Gideon Kendall

Gideon KendallGideon Kendall was born on December 12, 1966 in Austin, Texas, and lived on a commune in rural West Virginia between the ages of 5 and 12. Although during that time he longed for the type of middle class suburban lifestyle enjoyed by Mr. Wexler and Mr. Hulme, he has come to appreciate the unique aspects of his upbringing. With an actor/director father and an artist/dancer mom, he was brought up in an environment that nurtured creativity, often at the expense of any understanding of how "the real world" works. His mother instilled in him a love of drawing at an early age. She left a ballpoint pen in his crib, and Gideon covered his sheets with drawings of cars, roads, and buildings. He graduated high school in the Philadelphia area and then moved to New York City to study art. He graduated from The Cooper Union for Science and Art with a BFA in 1989. For the past 15 years he has been working as an artist, illustrator, animation designer, and musician in Brooklyn.

In 2001 Gideon published his first children’s book; “Littlebat’s Halloween Story”, written by Diane Mayr and published by Albert Whitman & Co. His other books for children include "Dino Pets" by Lynn Plourde (Dutton, summer 2007), "Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere" by Ann McCallum (Charlesbridge spring 2007). In 2006 Gideon illustrated "The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion", a how-to book for dads-to-be, written by David Port and John Ralston and published by Sterling Press. He is currently working on a sequel. Gideon has shown his artwork in several NYC galleries including PS 122, HERE Gallery, and Ethan Cohen Fine Arts and Elizabeth Heskin Gallery.

As the lead singer of the rock band Fake Brain, Gideon recently performed a multimedia rock opera entitled "Dr. Wei-Wei & The Fake Brain" to sell-out crowds in lower Manhattan. There are plans for a movie version as well. Gideon's other musical projects include Cooling Pies, a collaboration with Toronto-based musician Kevin Lacroix, and the newly formed Ditty Committee which will begin performing in New York City in 2008.

Gideon's hobbies include cooking, eating lots of Korean and Mexican food, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and exploring Brooklyn on bicycle with his wife Julie, who also happens to be his favorite artist.