S.A.T Scores

Hey, Fixers and Briefers!

I just took my S.A.Ts today (I got Fixer - 2000 out of 2400) and I was wondering if anyone noticed that in the first book (The Glitch in Sleep) Becker's S.A.T had only 3 questions and the book said the highest score possible was 1800? That would mean for every question right, you get (at most) 600 pionts?

Well, Becker's S.A.T was a little more complicated with the last question. I don't know how I would have answered that!

- fabric_of_reality

P.S Is it possible to get nothing on your S.A.T and still be labeled a "Briefer" on your results page?

Perfect score!!!

I got a perfect score of 2400 points first try.
Garrett R. Bleacher
Live To Fix/Fix To Live

Meh imma fixer

:D:D:D i got full marks :D it was quite easy like LOL so easy man imma fixer and also i like spacetime and the theory of relativity its COOL


i guess that's cuz his last question was super hard, so we get 10 replacement ones. although i think that's a bit much, cuz some of them were kinda hard, like the sheet/blanket dealer one. but they couldn't put his question on here cuz that's pretty hard to answer on the computer! also, did any of u notice that they didn't ban u from taking it a second time? i missed one question (the blanket/sheet one; told u it's random!), and i tried doing it again to get 100% and it worked! ???O_o

~C@ther!ne ^_^


Yeah! How come our test has 12 questions on it when his only has 3. And some of our are pretty random,like the sheet/blanket seller question.It was really weird.

If you got 0,

If you got 0, I think they'll just put you aside and imagine they had never read your paper or came across any evidence of you...
It IS stupid employing a person who's got 0, right? (not that I'm callin' anyone dumb)

No offense to anyone! Peace :)
-CPG (CatchPhraseGal)