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don't need to b hating on me. all i told them is that they would find out who he was. that will probs make them want to read the book more. I'm sorry if i've offended you but i think your being a bit overdramatic


still the tide doesn't thnk theres a plan at all they want to make the world perfect
ps read the 3rd book it says who triton is


Jaysky, I've got my eye on you. As you read in my last comment, I hate it when people ruin books for other peeps. And that's just what you did. DO NOT do that again. I've got my eyes on you.


Really? I have 2 reactions to that comment.
1) Don't spoil the book! Thanks to you, someone isn't going 2 be surprised when they read The Lost Train Of Thought!
2) If you give that much away, why don't you just tell everyone who Triton is?

Additional comments:
You are a lamebrain! Who intentionally ruins the book for someone! Grr. This is why is hate book discussion places for all people, because people like you ruin the book!


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So they do

... But so do the Seems.

I can't remember who said this--it might have been the Time Being, but don't take my word for it--but someone told Becker sometime in the course of the books that the Seemsians made the World with its little imperfections--suffering and nastiness and what have you--because they wanted it to be better than what they had in the Seems.

Yeah, maybe they could get rid of some of the little things like rumors or petty thievery--but something like that could have a much bigger effect on the World than you might actually think about, in the long-term.

:) Ashe

Re: So they do

True. If you think about it, most of the bad people in the world (murderers and such) feel justified because they were probably treated badly as a kid. So if that were gotten rid of... it might get rid of a whole lot more.
But I think the Tide DOES mean well. (I've only read the first book, so no one yell at me!) If they don't... well the Fixers will just have to stop them, won't they?

Nobody believes they are in the wrong

That's all I have to say

... Really?

Who, The Tide? If you discount the 39 current Fixers and 300-and-some Briefers, then yeah, I guess you're right.

(Or did you mean the criminals mentioned? XD)



"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.

Just in general. Nobody

Just in general. Nobody thinks they're wrong, for the most part. And sometimes, people do the wrong things for the right reasons. But yeah, I have to say, there's that moment we think we're not wrong.


Aha ... I get it now. Sorry for being a bit slow.

You're probably right, but then there are the people who know they're wrong and just don't care, which is sort of what I meant about The Tide. If I've still got the thread of this conversation, anyway. :)



"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.


I think that at least when The Tide started out, its founders meant well. It may have gotten a bit corrupted as people whose goals didn't quite gel started joining up. I don't want to say more at the moment, because I don't recall what info about The Tide was in book 1 and what info was in books 2 and 3, but yeah, on the whole I think you're right.

Also right about murderers or whatever having a bad start in life. Although there are those who may not have had problems as a child, but just have certain psychological disorders (I can't remember at the moment if it's psychopathy or sociopathy that isn't brought on by childhood problems, but I think it's one of the two) where there isn't much that could have been changed about their environment.

XD I think I've lost the thread a bit. My bad! :)



"I just wanna make a little correction to something you said, see. It's not 'our boys'. It's 'MY boys'. Not 'our boys'."
- Howlin' Mad Murdock stakes his claim to the A-Team and makes sure nobody else horns in on it.

Spot on

You always seem to think the same things i do, but you say them better, and in a way every one understands. Me, i think i try to explain it to much. Kudos to you.


I think that the tide and the seems should make a compromise. of cource we need bad things in this world, but couldn't we at leastget rid of some of them? just the little stuff like rumors or gangs or petty thieft. though I know the tide is all evil and their methods are horriable...they have a point.


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i agreehis french is important n the book it makes him sound cool

It does make him sound kul.

It does make him sound kul. It also sorta bridges a gap between him and the other peeps. That sorta is ignored, sorta isn't. Anyone agree?

The Comment on french hurt my brain...Back to Spanish Class!

What Freck did to Becker sickens me. He knows full well that he beat him every time in training. and even if he didn't, Freck is in his twenties and Becker is thirteen. So he has him bruised and bleeding and tied to a chair, and then claims to be his friend! Freck, Yo disgust me. Hulme and Wexler, you amaze me. It take some serious skill to get that kind of emotion out of someone.

Thibadeau's incorrect French

When we meet Thibadeau again (p.99, Glitch in sleep), he utters a phrase in French, "le partir seul". While this would translate to "leave it alone", the correct phrase is "laissez-lui", which means "leave him (alone)" (plural command form). In French, the verb "laisser"=to leave alone or behind, "partir"=to leave, as in depart. Note: the translator on my computer (and maybe yours) is a little confused about "seul"(masc) or "seule" (fem.); these do not mean "only", as the translator says. They can mean "alone" or "the only one". The translation of "only" is "seulement" . Needless to say, this is critical information for the proper running of the World.

Of course, this grammatical glitch could be part of Thib's new persona...


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