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hey guys i want your help in making a decision so here r my optons
a. go to a new school and get college oppurtunities and lose all my friends and former relationships
b. stay at my school and keep all those friends and relationships

Well, I looked it up. Yes,

Well, I looked it up. Yes, you do. Well, if you want to be sucessful. You need a collage or maybe graduate level knowledge of literature, and maybe a bacholer degree in the Arts, and perhaps a major in English.

And how old are you? The

And how old are you? The only reason you want to go to this new school is because of the collage emphasis. How badly do you want to go to collage? And how much do you value your 'relationships' that you don't want to end them . You still can talk to them. And new friends are ok! But, your tone says that you don't want to go to collage. So don't. You'll regret it later. Relationships aren't everything.


I want to go to Oxford Univercity, and I live in New York Oxfords in England which is pretty far. But it will be an oppertunity for me to live some place else. So even if I have to live some place far away I can still visit my family. I would tell you to go to a collage. But thats just my opinion, and I'm only 12.

Thats the big qustion

I want to be an inventor (me name) so I would try to go to collage but still hang on to my friends and relantionships. but that is so hard to do:(
The Inventor


Hmmmm, that's a tough one. I think you would have to go to college, but you might, emphasis on might, be able to do it without a degree.


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want to be a publsher of

want to be a publsher of books

Tough decision

Ooh, that's a tough decision. It depends on what you want to grow up to be, I want to be a writer, so I won't have to go to a college. But if you want something like a job at Merck, then you would want a college education. Think about it.