Post adventures

I'm a Fixer, and last week, it was my turn, and the mission was the unknown mission: Operation Tidal, I had to go to Nature and, for the first time since the Glitch in Sleep, battle a glitch. I had to do it before the Atlantic stirred up too much and sunk North America! I was able to beat it 5 min. before "The American Tidal" would've happened.

Energy Adventure

I am actually not a Fixer or a Briefer, but I am Engineer #4 of the Department of Energy and was on shift a little while ago when a dead Battery started causing dreadful blackouts all over sectors 109-122. A Fixer + Briefer team (I won't mention any names) was sent in to check it out. I met them in the reception room and led them to the Battery Chamber. They put on there Coverall Anti-ShocksTM and went in. I put on my rubber shock-resistant suit, flipped down the visor and followed. The Battery was going crazy! The Fixer pulled out a a pair of Those Things That Look A Lot Like Tweeser That You Cut Wires WithTM from his Tollmaster 3001TM and started to disconnect the Battery with them and the Briefer set up the ToolTableTM. As the Fixer cut the last wire, the Battery stopped trying to shock us to skeletons. Then the three of us set to work cleaning the circuits with Feather DustersTM. After that, our Fixer took out a Spool of copper wire and began to restring the Battery. And, bingo, power from the Energy Magnet surged to the Battery, Power Meters filled up, and the Battery giving off a pulsing golden glow. The Fixing team packed up and left. Sectors 109-122 had power! Oh, and I got a Flip Side burger and frys. Mmmm...


that's not me

that last post wasn't actually me, just a friend who i met on the flip-side. he was too lazy to make his own account so he borrowed mine.

I got a mission only a week ago!!!!

So I was just playing my soccer game and I was on the sides taking a break when I got the call, I accepted. There was a mishap in the department of nature, colors in some places of thye World were losing their color, and their pollen. I had briefer #127, he wasn't that good so I won't mention his name. We were in the color labratory, when we figured out what had happened. The tide had snuck in and had destroyed the engine in the flower color laser, completley getting rid of color, I used a replacement engine that my briefer brang, maybe he wasn't so bad. But I couldn't celebrate there, the pollen fan was still broken. So when we got there it was an easy inspection, but then we got to a clogged containment tube, and clearing it would release all the pollen creating allergie mayhem, so I got out the Q-turn tm and re-did the pipe system temporarily to avoid the over pollenation. It worked!!! And then I put the pipes back and got out of there and went to the fixer's lounge and hung out for a while until I left to go back home.

A.K.A. Fixer #38
[seemsianjm11 is just my codename]

Online Door?

Hey fellow Fixers/Briefers,
Yesterday I was on the seems site, and all of a sudden this freak window pops up:
So, naturally, by the time I had finished reading the pop up, my eye was twitching (that's my 7th sense sign, each Fixer has a different one, did you know that?) and I laughed, because I had four reasons how to detect this scam:
1. My 7th sense.
2. The suspicious sentencing.
3. My computer screen is made of glass, so it would be strictly impossible to make the Leap.
4. They wanted my ID number, which they would use to steal my Seemsian identity, probably using one of those illegal Me-2.95s.
So I quickly closed the window and started to walk to the nearest Door (REAL Door) and tell Human Resources about this, but suddenly I stopped.
I don't know why, I just did.
Then I decided to employ a Glichometer 2.0 (which WORKS) and track down the source of the scam......
It turned out to be The Seems Human Resources.
They explained on the site that it takes you to the H.R. lobby, where a Camerabot is activated.
And so, ends another of my greatest personal blunders.
Fix To Live- Live To Fix,
FiXeR 219

I'm a soon-to-be-Fixer, but

I'm a soon-to-be-Fixer, but currently I am only Briefer #392. So anyway, I was assigned to Fixer #26 (Josette Meyer). Why does Simly have to get all the attention? I'm at least as good as (scratch that, better than) him! Our Mission was to go to the Department of Thoughts because a conveyor belt had stopped and caused a large Headache. Our job? Fix it.
When we got there, I found it actually required a security level of 10 to get in! Fortunately for us, we were able to persuade the guards to let us in when we told him we were going to Fix the mess. When we got in, Half-Baked Ideas were lying all over the ground. The conveyor itself was easy enough, the motor had only jammed. But the Ideas had to be sorted—all 12,356 of 'em—in twenty minutes because I had an important thing to take care of. So now you know where all of your Twisted Thoughts come from! :-)


See you on the Flip Side!

It's still me

And don't think this is untrue, 'cause anything can happen!