Orange Can

To all the people who emailed me about that sweet but untitled Orange Can tune on Mission Mix #9, I finally got the goods. The song's called "So Bright 2," and as soon as we reboot the Fixer Jukebox in a couple of weeks, I'll do my best to get it on the rotation. But if you can't wait that long or wanna here more, check out the band at their website:

First got turned onto them by my buddy Seth Rockman's brother Matt, the late night DJ at 97.9 WVHP, Highland Park High School's student radio station. Matt (and his show "Tightrope" -- 1-4 AM, Thursdays) also clued me into the Beta Band, Grand National, Gomez, and the Secret Machines, amongst others, and even though it's hard to stay up sometimes, I never miss a show. As they say here in HP, not everyone listens to "Tightrope"...just the right people.

Hopefully it'll be streaming across the world before too long, but in the meantime, take another listen to Orange Can. "Fortified" is already being measured up for Mix #10, and I promise, you will not be disappointed...