The Holy Land

I recently had the opportunity to join the latest class of Candidates on the annual Field Trip – which this year was to Israel. (In case you didn’t know, Fixer Blaque always takes the Candidates on a Field Trip once during Training, just so they can see the intricacies of The Plan and The World in action.)

Israel is pretty cool because the entire country was designed by one of the leading architecture firms in The Seems – Mind, Body, & Soll, LLC. They’re the same ones who designed The Big Building, Machu Pichu, Stonehenge, and a few other natural wonders of The World. Israel is unique, though, because they have cities, beaches, and the desert.

By far the highlight was getting a chance to swim in the Dead Sea. Some people say the Dead Sea is an example of a mistake by the Department of Public Works or Department of Nature, because they dumped too much salt into the water and now you can’t sink! It’s true – you go in the water and you can float on your back and read a newspaper, all because of the very high salt. I took some pictures of the Candidates reading the newspaper and floating – so when I load them onto the computer I’ll put them in my blog.

The Dead Sea was awesome and we went to the old city of Jerusalem, the beaches of Tel Aviv, and even the Joffa flea market where Fixer Blaque encouraged everyone to walk around and see The Plan in action. I bought a couple souvenirs but since they don’t take SeemsCharge (the credit card they use in The Seems), I couldn’t buy too much.

Fixer Blaque took everyone to an outdoor beach coffee shop on the shores of Tel Aviv and we talked about The Plan, The World, and what it means to be a Fixer. It was cool to talk about these big ideas in such a special place.

Hopefully, I’ll get invited to go on The Field Trip again – but next year it will probably be another Fixer who gets to go. I’m not sure where in The World that class of Candidates will get to go, but probably somewhere pretty cool.


Issue With Time?

You've brought up that Mind, Body, and Soll designed some wonders of The Ancient World. Additionally, the people you've met in the first book seem to know (and, in some cases, talk about as if they had their own part in it!) a heck of a lot about long-past events. Even a veteran from the Color Wars, which was specifically stated to have happened in The Day! Any explanation as to how the two times can match up, and how people from before the beginning of The World can still be around while you can come and go between the two without some bizarre Narnia timeline thing going on?