Gag Order

Dear Friends:

It is with a heavy heart and sad mind that I inform you of the recent goings on…

To make a short story long, The Powers That Be are bringing charges against me for violations of The Golden Rule (you know, the one about not having relationships with anyone whose Case File you’ve ever had access to, etc, etc…) Namely, this relates to one Jennifer Kaley who I’ve been spending a lot of time with lately. I wanted to blog about it and tell you more – it’s been really cool – but I was afraid it might leak out or be used against me in The Court of Public Opinion.

This doesn’t mean I’m guilty. Part of my defense is that we met in a Dream World during “The Glitch in Sleep,” but as far as everything else that’s happened? Well, that might be hard to explain. The trial should take place sometime at the end of the summer or early fall, but until then, my attorneys have advised me to cease writing this blog. (They feel it could also be used to show a pattern of violating the Rules (ie…The Keep Your Mouth Shut Rule, etc..))

I just want to thank everybody for all their support and I should be able to continue Fixing until the trial, but after that I don’t know? Violating The Golden Rule has some pretty gnarly consequences. I really hope I don’t lose my job…or Jennifer.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and I look forward to speaking to you when all this blows over.

Live to Fix - Fix to Live,

Your friend,

Ferdinand Becker Drane III


Uh... Sorry

Sorry, It ain't fair, dead dude.


technikly he did break the rules even if it was for love

hes not being lazy

Hes in trouble :( How dare you say hes lazy! And hes a fixer so he might be busy! Anyways hes not guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(id keep that going for a long time but I won't)! Go Becker!

Fix to live live to fix
Fixer 40 Aka seb14


Ok so you've been lazy and this is your excuse for it!!! And now your saying that you can't blog anymore so you can continue to be lazy!! Wow I'm disappointed in you Becker!
aka fixer #39