Favorite Seems character?

I think for a lot of people, the most obvious answer to this question would probably be Becker. I would include myself in that group, because Becker is all kinds of awesome ... But, putting Becker aside for the moment, who would be your next pick for favorite character?

For me, first place is a tie between C-Note and Tony the Plumber, because I love all their interactions (especially in book 2). And the close second is Casey.

So, other opinions?


Case Closed!

Fixer 52

Casey by a long shot.

Fixer Blaque

Fixer Blaque definatly.Where else did Becker learn?


Jennifer Kaly. Easy.

Fixer Splatz


Certainly Thib. Thib was a double agent, but he was actually good.

favorite character

i like casey and becker

fixers! luv them!

fixers always get the job done even if it takes a while hopefully the seems gives me a job for a fixer! i got 10 out of 12 right! but my fav fixer and briefer is f.becker drane and simly!


i love Simly!

three way tie

three way tie between Becker, Thibadeau, and Simly Frye. Hard one


My favorite: Simly Frye, the Seemsian who is in touch with his 7th sense.

Becker ain't number 1 for me!!

LUUUUV Thibadeau!! Mwahaha :P *just kidding*