Favorite department

What is your favorite department?

Really? You have To Ask?

Me? Duh, Department of Fun! They have to use a Stitch to keep you from exploding when you're laughing.

Catch you on the flip side!
Fixer Sihz Sparks, #52
The World
Sector 122
Live to fix, fix to live


id say the department of nature and weather cause
1. there beuty paintings of sunset and i hope B became a sunset painter
2. nature is all the things around the world

no idea

i'd have to know more departments

I agree

I've got to go with pholt32, amethystasheryn, and seemslover3. The unknown always draws me the most. And since i myself can't really fit in with any group, i think i can relate with most of the stuff in there.


I agree with pholt32


u know how in the second book it started with those sunset painters? is that in the department of weather? if so, that's what i want to be caus' it would be super-cool to decide what the sunset will be like, plus i love art. ;)

~C@ther!ne ^_^

I would want to be in the

I would want to be in the department of Weather.


Oh, so hard to decide ...

Of the ones we've seen thus far, I'd probably have to say Time. Mostly because it was one of those departments we got a pretty good look at, what with Tony the Plumber doing his own repairs within the Department while Becker and co were in New York and Meanwhile.

Not that we didn't get a good look at Sleep, too, but ... I dunno, I just prefer Time.

Though if we were going for departments that haven't been seen yet, it's a tie between Energy and the Department of Everything That Has No Department. :)


RE: fave department

i would definitely have to roll with the department of everything that doesn't have a department
1: They do lots of stuff
2: Awesome dept. name!!!
3: They're full of random stuff, just like me.


Mine is nature

Mine is nature